New Book - Not at Peace with This Unfolding

Looking for some mystery and drama this Spring Break in the form of easy reading? Be sure to check out Dr. Laura Aten's book, Not at Peace with this Unfolding. A brief summary of the story via Smashwords, where you can obtain a digital copy (ebook) of the book ($7.99):
When a man dies in his Georgia home and is buried, it is reported in the obituary section of the local newspaper. When that same man is spotted in California four months later, it makes front page news nationwide. Such is the case in Not at Peace with this Unfolding. Yancey Riggs is an entrepreneurial farmer forging a life for himself and his young family in the 1920's South. 
If you're in the San Antonio, Texas area, you can also pick up a signed copy of the book at this book signing event below:

Not at Peace with this Unfolding by Dr. Laura AtenECHS LibraryTuesday, March 19th4:30-6:30
I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to feature this announcement here, given that both Dr. Aten and I both work in the same school district! I encourage you to give the book a try, and know that I'll be reviewing it later this month here.

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