#iPad Video Tutorials - Social Media, #Twitter, #Google, #FTP, #Dropbox, #Evernote and More!

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Getting ready for a brief meeting on using Twitter, Evernote, etc. to build your PLN, I crafted an Explain Everything (iPad app) video. Then, while sharing it with a colleague, she started asking questions and I ended up throwing some other videos together.

I hope these easy-going videos are helpful to you; I had fun sharing how I use the iPad at the intersection of social media, content curation, document sharing, etc.

In no particular order, please find some video tutorials below....

  1. Document Management
    1. Using Readdle Documents to Put/Get Files via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
    2. Using Readdle Documents to Put/Get/Manage Files (such as Photos/Videos in Your Camera Roll) on Dropbox.com (or Drive, or whatever)
  2. Social Media and Content Curation
    1. Content Curation with Evernote, IFTTT.com, and RSS (made this one with Explain Everything, which is absolutely awesome! (the app, not the video ;-) 
    2. Sharing Evernote to iPad plus more stuff having to do with RSS
    3. GoogleReader and the iPad
    4. Twitter on iPad

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Unknown said…
Thank you so much for posting these tutorial videos! They are easy to follow. I just recently bought an iPad and these tutorials have made it easier for me to navigate through different Social Medias such as the ones you have listed.

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