Install AESCrypt on Windows - Part 1 - Setup

Note: Part 1 of several tutorials on how to encrypt your data easily. This is part 1 of 3 of the Windows series; there is another series for Mac.

The purpose of this module is as follows:
  • Introduce you to the how-to of installing AESCrypt on your Windows computer so that you can encrypt confidential data.

Video Tutorial
Step by Step: Get a copy of AESCrypt for Windows and save it on your computer.

Step 1: Getting a copy of the AESCrypt setup program.

a) Click this link and save a copy of the zipped (compressed) installation file (this is the 32-bit version which will work on WinXPif you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will need the 64-bit version). 

Click OK to save the zipped file onto your computer.

b) After saving the installation file on your computer, open the containing folder (right-click on the file in your Downloads window, if using Firefox browser) and then...

Once you have completed the steps illustrated above, you are ready to install the program.

Step 2: Install AESCrypt

a) Notice that there are 3 files inside the folder. Double-click on the SETUP file to start the installation:

b) Once the installation starts, click NEXT until you get to the INSTALLATION COMPLETE stage, as shown below.

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