Install AESCrypt on Macintosh - Part 1

Note: This is the first of a 3 part series on using AESCrypt on a Mac. There is also a Windows opportunity.

Purpose of the ModuleThe purpose of this module is as follows:
  • Introduce you to the how-to of installing AESCrypt on your Macintosh computer so that you can encrypt confidential data.
Should you need assistance in installing AESCrypt on a District computer, please do not hesitate to submit a HelpDesk request via Eduphoria.

Video Tutorial
Step by Step: Get a copy of AESCrypt for Macintosh and save it on your computer.

a) Click this link and save a copy of the zipped (compressed) installation file
Don't worry about the zip file format since your Mac will know what to do with it once you save it.

b) Double-click the saved installation file, named

c) Look for the AESCrypt file you have just saved to your Desktop or Download folder, then double-click on it. 
It will look like the one shown below.

When you uncompress it (a.k.a. unzip), you will have the AESCrypt_x86.pkg file.
 Double-click to begin installation.

Begin and finish the installation program, clicking CONTINUE when appropriate.
When the process is complete--and you will only have to complete this step once per computer--you are ready to begin encrypting content.

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