Draft of an Online Course - Securing Confidential Data #encryption #aescrypt

A work colleague and I shared some talk about creating an online course on how to secure confidential data. In response to my email, which arose from the process I blogged about here:
Howdy! Thanks for the tip on AESCrypt for Mac. They have indeed improved on previous versions and it works flawlessly! This new update now makes it a great, cross-platform encryption tool to use to share data. I've successfully tested it on cross-platform (Mac, Win, Linux) decryption/encryption.
How would you like to proceed with preaching the encryption gospel? Make a few video tutorials, etc.?
He wrote back:
Yes that sounds great.  I think it would be helpful to have a video tutorial for Windows/MAC.  Would we also want to have a brief video on why and when to encrypt?

To recap:
1) Create a brief summary of why we encrypt (Would this be a brief video as well?)
2) Create a brief summary of when to encrypt
3) Create a brief video of how to use AESCrypt
4) Make a video tutorial for anyone to use
5) Discuss at Curriculum Meeting
6) Chart a rollout/installation plan
As I reflect on the outline he proposed, I'm not sure if if the course I started developing will match. In the meantime, though, I thought I'd share this with you and see what your thoughts are.

Welcome to this online workshop on Securing and Transmitting Confidential Data. This workshop features multiple modules that introduce you to some simple, powerful ways of securing confidential data that must be transmitted over the Internet via email, as well as stored on your computer. 
Using online resources chosen by the District's Technology Operations Department, and reviewed by the Assessment Office, this series of modules will enable you to quickly encrypt, unencrypt confidential data when sending and receiving it via email, storing it on your computer or mobile device. You will also be introduced to how to best secure the various usernames and passwords that provide you with access to District systems. You may also choose to use these solutions at home, to facilitate security of confidential data. Join us in this unique online class and learn how to safeguard critical data.
You can find a draft of the course online. It incorporates some of my past writings on the subject. It still has quite a ways to go to be usable.

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