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Playing with #iPad Apps - 7 Favorites

Over the last few Fridays, I've been fortunate to visit a campus that's intent on building it's PLN via Twitter. It all started quite innocently at TCEA when I received a tweet from the principal in question. I encouraged others to start tweeting back at her, and the flow of ideas and information began.

Last week, I shared with them some of my favorite creation apps on the iPad. I created this video for them to summarize our meeting:

By the way, I have to do a shout out to Calvin Orsak and Mike Harber for making district-hosted youtube-like video hosting a reality with the no-cost PHPMotion. Great job guys!

And gave them a homework assignment. Here's one of the products that was absolutely delightful to receive back from a campus leadership team:
Here's a quick list of iPad apps--apps are no-cost unless otherwise indicated--we've decided to standardize on in our iPad rollout. We're standardizing because it's so easy to get caught up in app-mania rather t…

Tools of Choice @budtheteacher @dlaufenberg @jeffmason

Which should be your tool of choice in schools for the majority of students? Should it be a low-cost laptop, an iPad, a Chromebook, what?

In truth, I've thought this over for the last year, wrestled with my biases and prejudices, and come to the realization that the iPad is the best tool for K-12. By providing students iPads, we're enabling them to become incredible content creators (yes, they can program), as well as consumers. In reviewing my usage of the iPad for the last year--prior to that year, I did not appreciate iPads as I do now--I realized that this device is used daily, multiple times, in preference to all my other computing devices, including laptops at home and work, Android tablet and phones. Why is that?

The easiest reason is that I can create text-enhanced, multimedia-rich content quite easily using my iPad. Now, let's set individual user preferences aside.

What about management? These are a pain in the rear to manage. Chromebooks offer a better managemen…

Protecting Data is Still YOUR Responsibility

Love this data about identity theft and K-12 schools...folks, we are failing on this and we need to do something about it.
Data breaches leave people six times more likely to become victims of identity theft, according to a survey this year by Javelin Research. Schools warn parents to monitor their children's credit after a data breach. But credit reports only turn up 1 percent of fraud on children's credit histories because thieves pair children's Social Security numbers with new names and birth dates, according to a study by Debix, which sells identity protection services...more than 18,000 child identity theft complaints were reported to the Federal Trade Commission, compared with about 6,500 cases in 2003.Only half of K-12 schools use encryption to scramble sensitive data in case it falls into the wrong hands, according to a February survey of more than 100 IT employees at K-12 schools nationwide.School districts in 26 states now ask for students' Social Security …

San Antonio Writing Project

Alas, I'd love to attend an institute like this one but work keeps me engaged in awesome projects, and funding is an impediment. I often wish we could have an edcampSAWP or multi-day conference that was completely free.


Summer Institute 2013 Information
Online Application

UTSA Grad School

Print Brochure
Flier (Applications due by April 2, 2013)
Dates:  June 10, 2013 – July 3, 2013Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Where: 
The University of Texas at San Antonio 1604 campus
Graduate School Enrollment: 
Those chosen to participate enroll in and pay for two graduate classes for the Summer Institute.
Summer Fellowship:
SAWP pays for 50% of the cost for 6 hours of graduate credit (including tuition and fees).
Estimated cost after Fellowship: $1250 We are pleased to announce the San Antonio Writing Project’s seventh Invitational Summer Institute, to be held on the campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio…

#Texas #Google Summit


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TechFiesta 2013 Reminder

Thursday, April 18 – Friday, April 19, 2013
Are you registered? Go to for complete details.
I'll be presenting at TechFiesta, as will many others. Check out the list of presenters!

Here are my presentations, and when you can attend them:

Collect Student Work Easily: Set Your iPad up as a Server Thursday, April 18, 201301:45PM02:45PMMiguel GuhlinFriday, April 19, 201301:45PM02:45PMMiguel Guhlin Drinking from the Internet FireHose - Content Curation Tools What is content curation? It's a way of managing the firehose of information slamming into use from every device we own, from computer to smart phone. This workshop will introduce you to some of the ways you can better manage a world of content, not just online but offline as well. If you are always trying to keep track of web sites, bookmarks, information, then this session will help you get a handle on it all! Of course, you may have a tiger by the tail! Thursday, April 18, 201309:15AM09:45AMMiguel Guhli…

Guest Post - Jim Klein on Netbooks vs iPads

Jim Klein was kind enough to respond to my blog entry yesterday, Only Human - #Ubermix = Yesterday's Solution? in two comprehensive comments. So, rather than make you read them there, I'm going to post them as a separate blog entry. My only edits have been to break up the comments into more paragraphs for easier reading.

Jim writes:

Hey Miguel, thanks for your thoughts here. To sum them up, it seems like your argument is "the iPad is going to win, so we should give up" with a heavy emphasis on "the way we do things now", however I'm not sure that this reflects reality, partially because you seem to be focusing on netbooks alone in your comparisons, and partially because I know for a fact that an iPad is not your (or anyone else's) primary computing device. So let's break those two down:

On the netbook front, while the category "netbook" as it is understood to mean a 10" laptop is dead, they have simply been replaced by more powerful …

Living Like a Nomad

In spite of my resolve to not write about the end of Google Reader, here it is. Sheesh.

I'm not exactly sure why the demise of Google Reader left a bad taste in my mouth...maybe if it had just been Reader, I wouldn't have felt anything. After all, I immediately switched over to (Web/Mobile) and Liferea (Linux) without a hitch. As others have pointed out, change is inevitable especially when it comes to technology. Losing Reader isn't the's just that feeling that since Google is always on the move, changing it's services and constantly updating its offerings, I feel like a nomad moving from service to service. Maybe I'm getting a bit curmudgeony or something.

Still, I couldn't help but feel--irrational as that feeling may be--that something is off. This comment about a new Evernote competitor service from Google (known as Keep) best captured the fleeting feeling:
Great, so Google targets yet another thriving area, puts everyone else o…

Value for Tomorrow's Learners

Earlier today, I received the following email regarding a book review--Achieving Transformational Leadership--I'd written about Stephanie Sandifer's book, Wikis for School Leaders.

Folks often ask me, what are the benefits of writing and sharing online via a blog? Well, to be honest, getting exposure to fresh ideas, and getting emails like this one that let you know that yesterday's learning continues to provide value for tomorrow's learners.

Dear MiguelMy name is Fiona de Villiers and I am the editor of Independent Education, the official quarterly magazine of the Independent Schools’ Association of Southern Africa (ISASA), and the leading South African Education magazine.I invite you to view the online version of our latest issues: can also learn more about us at: year one of our aims for our very popular maga…