Friday, February 22, 2013

Video - 5 Tips to Quizzing Success in the #BYOT Classroom

Note: The following was prepared for a 30 minute webinar shared with teachers engaged in Bring Your Own Device/Technology implementation. It was my first venture with webinars to address BYOT. My plan is to offer more of these. How would you have improved what I did or done it differently? Feel free to leave constructive criticism/suggestions--don't worry, I'll get over my feelings--in the comments, email me privately (mguhlin @ g m a i l), or tweet at me @mguhlin . Thanks in advance!!

Video of Preso
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Session Outline

I. BYOT Update
 A. Quickly touch on week 1
 B. Share connection statistics for Week 1 and Week 2
 C. Invitation on Building Your PLN

II. Mini-Lesson

 A. Quizzes in a BYOT Classroom
    Discussion of how to facilitate student assessments in a BYOT environment where everyone has a different device.
  1. Five Tips to Quizzing Success in a BYOT Classroom
B. Several Mobile Device-friendly Quiz Tools Available for Free
  1. Edmodo Quiz - Works best on iOS devices, as well as Chromebook, laptop, desktop computers. Android still needs work for quiz support.
  2. Create a Quiz using GoogleForms - You can easily collect data with GoogleForms. This data is dropped into a spreadsheet in GoogleDocs, and at that point, you can work the numbers.
  3. Self-Grading with GoogleDocs and Flubaroo - While you can use a GoogleForm to collect quiz data, you can use Flubaroo -a free service--to actually grade those quizzes for you.
  4. Socrative - An easy to use online quiz tool developed for collecting information via mobile devices.
 C. Try It Out!This is where I pick out the top two easiest options in my opinion.
  1. Sample Edmodo quiz...try this out on all the mobile devices you have available! You will need to join this Edmodo group--BYOT QuickLearn 
    1. Student View - Submit a Quiz
    2. Teacher View - Watch the How to Create a Quiz, and Grading a Quiz
  2. Self-Grading with GoogleForms and Flubaroo
    1. Student View
    2. Teacher View

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Jeanne Reed said...

I enjoyed the presentation very much! Extremely well done! One question, why have PLN and Quiz themes in the same presentation? Was it a timing issue trying to reach 30 minutes? It seemed to me I would have stopped at slide 13 and started a Quiz presentation at 14. Even in a small group session I could see that taking 30 minutes if you give people a chance for hands-on practice.

May I reuse parts to share with my district? I would love to separate the topics but also add my contact for my school. Although I'm sure you'd be most helpful!

I enjoy reading your blog very much. Thanks for sharing. Thanks, Jeanne

Jerica Gary said...

Hey Mr. Guhlin, my name is Jerica. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM 310. I have been assigned to explore and comment on your blog.

I enjoyed watching your slide presentation. For our EDM 310 class it was mandatory that we had to set up a Twitter account, and to be honest I didn't like the idea of it and thought it was pointless. But now that I have started following educators my whole outlook on Twitter has changed and I now see why it is so important.

Also your 5 tips to Quizzing Success in the BYOT classroom were very insightful. I have never heard of Edmodo before. I will definitely be doing some extra research on this tool.

I am looking forward to your next video! Thanks, Jerica

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