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#TCEA13 Ideas and Resource Roundup! #edchat

Wow, lots happened at the TCEA 2013 State Conference!! In this blog entry, you'll find links to blog entries I wrote during TCEA attendance, as well as podcast interviews, video clips, and resources I ran into at TCEA that are worth taking a look at.
A quick aside: I also had the opportunity to present 2 sessions, and participate in a panel conversation with other technology directors on the future of technology. You'll find links to the two sessions below. Note that I'll be adding more to the blog entries & podcast section below as I process all the great content. Some of the exciting sessions I haven't included yet included The Flipped Class, The Allegory of the Cave, as well as others.
Here's a quick roundup of my blog entries and podcasts and workshop notes.:
  1. Podcast 30 - Web 2.0, Literacy and ePortfolios

  2. Podcast 29 - Collaboration...The New Normal
  3. Podcast 28 - 3rd Grade Bilingual Students Get their #Google On 
  4. Podcast 27 - Magnolia ISD Tech Conference
  5. Podcast 26 - Anita Givens at #TCEA13 Campus Leadership Academy
  6. Models of Technology Integration You're conducting walk-throughs and formal observation and you see teachers using technology. But, are they using it effectively? Are students being engaged, and is the teacher transforming learning through integration? In this session, you'll learn about two models of technology integration (the TPACK Model and the SAMR Model) that will give you a theoretical (yet practical) framework to help guide discussion about tech integration.
  7. GoogleApps - Blending GoogleApps and iPad to Achieve Collaborative LearningIn this apps-on session, participants will have the opportunity to explore how to best take advantage of GoogleApps for Education on the Apple iPad. The fundamental question this session helps you answer is, "What is the workflow that makes interacting with GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive easy on an iPad?"
  8. Panel Presentation - The Future of the Computer Coordinator - Thanks to 
  9. MyNotes - Spotlight on Legacy Learning - iBook Author
Professional Learning Models
Irving ISD:

Professional Development the Irving ISD way, as told at the EdubloggerCon at TCEA 2013 in Austin Texas via Tim Holt (El Paso ISD)

Lamar Consolidated ISD

Using Twitter to Create Self-Directed Professional Development 

and a few videos via my colleague and friend, Tim Holt (El Paso ISD):

Using Twitter to create self-directed professional development. As recorded at the 2013 EdubloggerCon at TCEA 2013 in Austin Texas.

Dr. Richard Smith from UHCL leads a panel discussion with 4 “Computer Coordinators”from across Texas. Miguel Guhlin, Tim Holt, Mike Gras, Sam Farsi. What is the role of a computer coordinator now and what do the panelists see it being in the future?

Eduhero is a new professional development initiative by one of the states region service centers that allows teachers anywhere to take online professional development. These take the hassle out of having to take those mandatory training such as sexual harassment, blood-borne pathogen, and others.

Dean Shareski and Steve Dembo address the TECSIG 2013 TCEA Luncheon with an amazing talk on Social Capital: What it is, how to improve it, and how schools can use it. Even though this talk is about an hour long, it is WELL worth the time. Every building principal everywhere should watch this.

Twitter Feed Miscellaneous Resources
There are many resources shared via the #tcea13 Twitter feed. You can view it yourself here, but these are some of my take-aways throughout the week:

  1. TCEA GoogleAcademy 2013 - Tons of great resources listed here.
  2. Pinterest In Classroom Handout-TCEA2013.pdf : Simplify your life #tcea13
  3.  Differentiated PD for Technology Integration #tcea13
  4. TCEA Great Elementary Ideas 2013 #tcea13
  5. Teach Parents Tech #tcea13
  6. Create Fun Flipbooks With Animator for iPad #gcisdtech 
  7.  "Creating with the iPad" workshop.
  8. 17 #Google tools for teachers? Check out these free Google tools for better search
  9. Rethinking Technology Restrictions in Schools (article shared at TCEA13)
  10. 3 Tech Ninja's Web Site on a variety of topics
  11. Digital Goonies Free Web Apps
  12. Cell Phones as Instructional Tools
  13. Student Created Books in the Classroom (iTunes link)

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