Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reflections on BYOT and Feedback


In response to my BYOT webinar on 5 Tips on Quizzing Your Way to Success in the BYOT Classroom, which I admittedly cobbled together from other tips on the web, and I want to do a shout-out to Sharon Casadei for the awesome job on this article, Using Edmodo Quizzes for Personalized Learning, I received two comments.

You may recall that I asked for constructive criticism on my video recording. I am planning on doing another one this Thursday, but don't know where to start. Like my old principal who said, "It's like a mosquito in the midst of a nudist colony that doesn't know where to start," I feel like there's so much to discuss relevant to BYOT/BYOD, it's mind-boggling.

I received two helpful remarks, one from within my district and the second as a comment. The first was that if I was going to speak on a subject, I should limit to 10 minutes and focus on the topic at hand rather than go into the Twitter and PLN component. The second echoed those, so I have no doubt that it was valid critique that I will need to keep in mind as I plan this week's webinar. Thanks to Jeanne Reed for her comment below; I appreciate the frank feedback!
I enjoyed the presentation very much! Extremely well done! One question, why have PLN and Quiz themes in the same presentation? Was it a timing issue trying to reach 30 minutes? It seemed to me I would have stopped at slide 13 and started a Quiz presentation at 14. Even in a small group session I could see that taking 30 minutes if you give people a chance for hands-on practice.
Even though I inserted those remarks, the reason I did it was simple--why the heck are we doing traditional professional development when you (the participant) can connect to educators around the world and see what's actually happening? A part of me really wanted to push this idea that there are educators doing this and they could just tap into it.

However, with the feedback from Jeanne in mind, I have to step back and ask, How can I speak on a subject and incorporate examples from folks on the web in such a way that others will be encouraged to build their PLN? Whew, that's a long question. If I had more time, I'd whittle it down. I'll save the whittling for the BYOT session.

The second comment on my original blog entry comes from Jerica, a student at the University of South Alabama. I am thrilled that folks are using my blog as a living's always nice to be relevant. One of the tough things to realize is that it's all new for someone, somewhere.
Hey Mr. Guhlin, my name is Jerica. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM 310. I have been assigned to explore and comment on your blog. 
I enjoyed watching your slide presentation. For our EDM 310 class it was mandatory that we had to set up a Twitter account, and to be honest I didn't like the idea of it and thought it was pointless. But now that I have started following educators my whole outlook on Twitter has changed and I now see why it is so important.
Also your 5 tips to Quizzing Success in the BYOT classroom were very insightful. I have never heard of Edmodo before. I will definitely be doing some extra research on this tool.
Thanks to all of you who watched the recording and I hope you'll check back in.

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