Record Video/Images Straight into #Google #Drive #iPad App

" Is there a way to create recordings right into google drive?" asks Kristin Hokanson. The answer is "YES!"
Update 07/2015: This blog entry-screenshots and steps--has been updated to reflect the new Drive app as of this date.

Looking for a quick-n-easy way to store photos/images or, more importantly, videos from your iPad into Google Drive? Look no further than the Drive iPad app which allows you to accomplish both goals!

Start up Google Drive app, then navigate to the folder where you want to put the videos. In my example, I created a "VIDEO" folder where I could quickly store my iPad videos.

Then, tap on the + symbol in the bottom left-hand corner of your iPad screen:

Notice the USE CAMERA option in that ADD menu!

To begin recording video, tap on USE CAMERA and switch to Video can see the selector below:

After you're done recording...tap on USE VIDEO in bottom right-hand corner and you'll be prompted as shown below:

When you're done, you'll see your Google Drive docs, and at the bottom, the video file you just created:

Pretty nifty, huh? You can easily share a folder of videos with the world, all hosted by GoogleDrive.

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Unknown said…
if only the google people would give us things we ask adding pictures to presentation from the Drive app
Hmm.... I am unable to get this to work. I get to the use camera option. I see the choices of video and photo, but I am unable to choose video. Any ideas? Hoping to figure out an easy solution for Kindergartners recording evidence of learning.
Anonymous said…
Exactly what I was looking for! Your directions are simple and easy to follow. This is the perfect solution for my "Media Makers" group. Simple, unlimited storage, accessible.

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