Podcast 30 - Web 2.0, Literacy and ePortfolios #TCEA13

While attending the TCEA 2013 Campus Leadership Academy, I had a chance to listen to Dr. Cindy Cummings, Dr. Diane Mason, Dr Kay Abernathy, and Dr. Sheryl Abshire speak on the following topic:
Web 2.0, Literacy, and ePortfolios
Join an experienced team of K-12 technology practitioners turned university professors as they share best practices, tips and tricks for engaging students in the world of Web 2.0. Participants will learn about the newest and most exciting tools while engaging in an interactive discussion about Web 2.0, literacy, and eportfolios.

3 neat questions asked to kick off the conversation included:

  1. What Web 2 tools and resources impact the way you learn, communicate and assess growth?
  2. How are you currently using Web 2 personally and/or with students?
  3. Are you learning differently?

Podcast 30 - Web 2.0, Literacy and ePortfolios


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