Podcast 28 - 3rd Grade Bilingual Students Get their #Google On #TCEA13 @lackeym

Martha Lackey sharing how her 2nd-3rd grade students
"get their Google On"

What a pleasant surprise to hear Ms. Lackey speak on how 3rd grade bilingual students are using GoogleDocs/Drive in their classwork! As a third grade bilingual teacher once upon a time, I was enthralled to see how Ms. Lackey was approaching the use of technology with bilingual students.

One of the key points from Ms. Lackey's presentation had less to do with the children, and more to do with the value of Twitter to expand her learning, to build her professional learning network (PLN). She remarks at the end of her presentation...
What I've learned, i've learned from Twitter. I've really depended on my PLN. 
Podcast 28 - Listen to Martha Lackey on "3rd Grade Bilingual Students Getting their Google On"

My Notes

  • Ms. Martha Lackey, 2nd-3rd grade teacher. Looping teacher that travels with a class of students from 2nd grade to 3rd grader. Midlothian ISD, Midloathian Tx
  • Twitter: @lackeym
  • Google+ http://goo.gl/iGQ6V
  • martha_lackey@midlothian-isd.net
  • Read her blog at martha-lackey.blogspot.com
  • http://goo.gl/5wHv9
  • Started on Google journey back in August of 2012. About 11-12 folks decided to go through the training and crammed in 3 days of training and received training. District applied for GoogleTools (?) and the whole team is attending. That's where the journey began...using Google for 5 months.
  • Started using GoogleTools with Macbooks these were used immediately.
  • About two weeks ago...applied for a one to one iPad initiative and are piloting it. Students are now using 1 to 1 iPads.
  • Heavy duty twitter user - 
  • GoogleDocs projects:
    • The Global Read Aloud Project - this was announced via Twitter and being done through Edmodo.com. It made the 2014 Newberry Award list (The One and Only Ivan Katherine Applegate).
      • The book is about a gorilla and an elephant.
      • Character analysis of the story. To introduce them to GoogleDocs, 
      • After reading the book, students developed projects
      • Did a search on silverback gorilla. After finding images, the kids summarized the book
      • She shared with students not to worry about spelling...looking at sentence structure,punctuation, etc. A lot of kids are tech savvy.
      • Other students downloaded a diff picture...using the search tool in Google and are able to pull in content from Google. [Miguel: What about citation?]
      • This is third grade transitional year...these kids exit out of bilingual program by MS. Late transitional type program.
      • I have to decide as an educator, and decide if they are ready to exit. In third grade, that's where the shift begins to happen. [Too bad the program isn't a maintenance bilingual program rather than transitional]
      • If kids can't write in English, they can do so in Spanish. This lets me know where they are in writing as part of language proficiency, as well as writing process.
  • Google Created Templates
    • Can you come up with a template to use with the book? We used two web sites:
    • Ms. Lackey shares the template from her presentation.
    • Template elements:
      • Type of animal, my animal is a/an.
      • Habitat; My animal lives
      • Diet/eats; My animal eats
      • Physical characteristics; My animal's size is
      • Predators; predators of my animal are
      • Endangered; my animal is/is not endangered
  • Research Templates were created...these were shared via GoogleDrive, went to "Shared with Me" area and started typing in the information. There's no fear in these guys.
  • Spreadsheets to do character analysis of the book The One and Only Ivan
  • Analyzing characters...give me a describing word. I also created a group that I can share with all my students via GoogleApps.
  • This is a great tool to use to tap into reading objectives...give me one or two words to describe that character. [I wonder if she thought about using a GoogleForm?]
  • Powerpoint using Google
    • 12.12.12 Blogging Project on Twitter - Paula Naugle: put out a project on this date...there is a wiki out there.
    • Read the 12 Cats of Christmas to go with the project. Did some brainstorming and shared template in GoogleDocs.
    • Created a presentation, Our 12 Favorite Google Project Dec. 12, 2012
    • Kids said they wanted to do their own ppt.
    • We came up with 5 diff topics as categories. Students proved her wrong in regards to the amount of work students were able to do in a short period of time (2 hrs actual vs 1 week which was teacher's anticipated time).
    • Students engagement level was phenomenal.
    • Created a blogging project GoogleDrive folder. Students placed their work in there.
    • Student project assessment was in the form of a rubric. [did student develop a rubric? Email Ms.Lackey for rubric.
  • GoogleDrive on iTouch
  • http://goo.gl/Ll6Wi - GoogleDrive on iTouch
  • What I've learned, i've learned from Twitter. I've really depended on my PLN. 

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