Podcast 26 - Anita Givens at #TCEA13 Campus Leadership Academy

Anita Givens and Miguel Guhlin
Earlier today, I had the privilege to listen to Anita Givens, Associate Commissioner, Standards and Programs for the Texas Education Agency. Anita Givens, whom I've been podcasting since at least 2006 (doesn't that make me her personal podcaster or something?), provided a brief update to the TCEA 2013 Campus Leadership Academy participants. Dr. Roland Rios (Ft. Sam Houston ISD and TCEA Area 20 Board Member) did a great job facilitating!

Although I took some notes, Anita's presentation focused on Project Share and its changing nature. I hope the audio recording linked below will prove helpful in understanding TEA's vision for Project Share, changes in the State Legislature and Board of Education. Certainly, Anita delivered a message of hope for what lies ahead.

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Thanks to Steve Young (@atemyshorts), Judson ISD CTO


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