MyNotes #tcea13 - Spotlight on Legacy Learning - Using iBook Author

Left to Right: Diana Martinez, Jody Rentfro

One of the benefits of attending face to face conferences is running into old friends and colleagues that you haven't seen since the LAST time you attended. That is certainly the case with Diana Martinez and Jody Rentfro, two Moodlers who, like me, have also been exploring various Learning Management Systems such as Edmodo, Schoology (which apparently costs money, how about that?), etc. I ran into them near the Digital Square at TCEA and we chatted about many things, among them how changing LMS solution can be frustrating and exciting at the same time.

Diana's and Jody's presentation, Spotlight on Legacy Learning - Using iBook Author, focused less on the HOW-TO of iBook Author and more on the trials and tribulations of implementing iPads, ensuring textbook/asset management integration, and a host of other issues.

  1. iTunes enroll code - JCP-PTM-845
  3. It's little things we do in the classroom that are going to make the input.
  4. work that students have created, teachers have created but no how-tos in this session
  6. "Spotlight on Legacy Learning - Using iBook Author"
In the last year and a half,many amazing things have happened..."nothing is so painful to the human minnd as a great and sudden change." Mary Shelley, Frankenstein.

You plan and plan, then you implement and nothing is like you planned for.

A Climate of Change
  • Strategic Design/Visioning Institute
  • House Bill 1557
  • Reorganization of technical/instructional support
  • Infrastructure audit/upgrade
  • Texas High Performance School Consortium
  • AP World History/Other Innovative Project - every student in AP History would get an iPad. Next yeear, the AP World History test will be primarily essay . Use i Book Author to create a book of resoources that can be enhanced from year to year.
  • 1:X Model
Kids need to have a device and it's our responsibility to share it. Every kid can bring their own device, option to use tools in the classroom and the option for every kid to have an iPad. Over the next 3 years, wwe're going to get iPads or a device to every kid. We're not an Apple district but we have decided on this tool.

The first thing we realized is that with all these children with mobile devices, we did an audit:
  • BYOT (hotspots)/AP World History Pilot - can't bring your own hotspot or turn your phone into a hotspot
  • Top Tier Infrastructure for Networking filtering syste
  • Reorganization of technical teams
  • Revision of AUP
  • Wireless configuration (single SSID)
We spoke to Eanes, NewBraunfels, Belton, Mansfield, McAllen ISDs and wrote based on their suggestions to decide what the best way to do this. 1 to X that every child is offered an iPad--you don't have to take it--with a $40 one-time fee for 3 years. Replacement Benefit Program ($40). If a parent choooses that option, the parent pays for any repairs. 

System Changes
  • Partnered with Apple for technical support and training
  • Mindset - Overcoming switch to new OS
    • Big switch in attitude for technical staff.
    • NOC had to be upgraded and we don't have the issues on campuses anymore

Distribution in the future (tomorrow)
  • Partnered with textbook warehouse. These textbooks are going to become more digital and treat iPads as a textbooks. They have gone in and built centers...cross-training on lowset for iPads.
  • Cross training to image devices at their location
  • TIPWeb for textbook downloads integrated into Skyward Student Management System. When students sign up, they get their digital textbook codes and have access via their iPads.
  • Bonnie Isom - what do you mean they are going to take these home, keep them all semester? 

TechTip: Video needs to come out of iMovie to go into iBook Author

TechTip: Go with the PDF file for textbooks due to Internet access. Houghton-Mifflin has a free download of their book. Kids can do homework on the bus, and that work will be saved in that textbook until the iPad gets to a WiFi hotspot.

Instructional Changes
Understanding Strategic Design
-Student-driven rather than teacher-driven
-Student as creators of their own knowledge

Overcoming attitudes towards changes in OS and instructional practices

iPad (the tool) is not enough...share the instructional purposes of the tool.

Flexible, learning spaces

We realized that the iPad is not of the things we've talked about with teachers is that the iPad doesn''t need to be on the desk all the time. The teacher is what drives instruction.

When we did training with teachers...about how AP History has to be taught a certain way We started conversations about how the iPad could be brought in as a tool. We went to our students and they shared what they wanted to use it, and that's what happened. Some teachers wanted to keep doing it the way they had in the past. Some teachers started using Evernote. About a third of the teachers started moving forward.

We had to help teachers be more collaborative.

Student/Teacher Professional Learning (Apple Trainers) - have them build a cadre of teachers, administrators, and students. We wanted 5 kids in every cadre. These kids have become capacity builders on the campuses.

Online 24/7 tutorials in - you are welcome to use anything

This was our way of learning year after year, what is legacy learning...if you are learning something new, what are you giving back? One principal did not want capacity learning...

"We should strip education down to its essence: What is necessary for a person to learn?"
Discover apps - an app to help you discover new apps.
Started talking to teachers about using iBook can't do it unless you have a Macbook.

[Miguel: Did you think about using Book Creator with students on iPads, then compiling those in iBook Author?] Yes.

With iBook Author, you can embed Twitter feeds, videos, etc. With Macbooks, students can start creating and adding content.

Go on a tour of textbook warehouse.

Legacy Learning
History companion books that answer overarching essential questions
Poetry books/anthologies
Learning logs
Portfolios that show learning goals, accomplishments, and reflection
Learning based upon a student's passion over time

We all want to leave some type of legacy...we want to provide students that same opportunity to leave a legacy, just like we have as teachers.

Students have Evernote now...we've learned a lot about what students are doing. Students did what they need to do. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say. We handed out a new set of iPads to AP History to find out what they thought about it and what we need to do to support that.

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Unknown said…
I love the idea of every child having an iPad. I have seen the way some students work better using the iPad and it makes so much more sense. There is no paper to deal with and there are no heavy books to carry back and forth. Thanks for getting this idea out there!

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