Good News! @Zite Update Fixes @Evernote Content Curation!

As I shared in this blog entry, as well as this one which included a response from the Zite CEO, I was a bit disappointed in Zite 2.0. 

When they updated to their latest version, I was no longer able to curate content in one step to Evernote. The problem was an inability to select the notebook to drop content into from Zite.

When I updated Zite app on my iPad this weekend, I was thrilled to see that Evernote Notebook support was back in!!!!! Way to go, Zite developers!!

Zite immediately climbed to the top of the heap as my favorite RSS aggregator, and general "introduce me to something new related to what I'm interested in" app!

The benefit of the bump in the road? I learned a new workflow for content curation that maybe isn't "Evernote" friendly.

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