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Exporting XLS Grade Report from #Moodle on #iPad

What happens when you try to export a grade report in Moodle on iPad
A fellow Moodler, Gerald G., had shared the following question with me:
When you download a gradebook from a Moodle course, Moodle through the browser creates an Excel file and downloads it.
Fine so far.
But on the iPad, this procedure gets broken.
Mobile Safari does not know how to download an Excel or CVS file.
If you manage to download one through, say, GoodReader, the iPad does not know how to open it, because the creator of the file (Moodle? Safari?) does not exist on the iPad.
So: For teachers using the iPad to manage a Moodle course, how can we download a gradebook into Excel, open it on the iPad, and send it to someone as an attachment or compress and store it? (These are the normal operations.)
After trying multiple approaches, I have to admit, I was stumped as well! I even made a video (no, I'm not sharing it) since I was a bit frustrated. I even went so far as to write Gerald this note:
Howdy! I spent some time trying to find a way to accomplish this, all to no avail! I concede defeat. I tried all the Moodle apps on the iPad, Apollo browser, Safari, Chrome, Readdle Documents, Open in GoogleDrive from Safari...and nothing.
Congrats, you found another reason why we should use Edmodo/Schoology instead of Moodle on the iPad!!
But, did i give up? No way! I turned to my PLN on Google+ via the Texas4TEE Community--join up, it's free--and the conversation kicked off with this prompt:
For teachers using the iPad to manage a Moodle course, how can we download a gradebook in Excel (XLS), open it on the iPad, and then send it to someone as an attachment or compress and store it on GoogleDrive?
You can read the conversation via this link, and the credit for sharing the solution goes to Pam Cranford, Moodle Whiz Extraordinaire from White Oak ISD in East Texas!

In case you've forgotten, here are the reports available in a Moodle course...I'm viewing them on an iPad and I want to get the Excel spreadsheet so I can view this in a spreadsheet program of some sort.

But...after you tap submit, you encounter problems. The Download button doesn't give you a usable file on your iPad (or at least, that's what it looks like!)

Even if you save the XLS file as shown below...
You may encounter problems opening it with any app on your iPad; at least, I did. Even when I saved the Excel file to GoogleDrive, I couldn't open the XLS file in the Drive app (although I was able to do so on a computer via the GoogleDocs, but...that involves a computer). I suppose QuickOffice or Office2HD might do the job but I didn't try those.
The file that generates the error on the iPad opens fine on a computer running GoogleDocs
As @Rusty Meyners points out...
Upload to GDrive stayed as xls as Drive app doesn't seem to offer conversion to GDoc and I haven't tried with browser
This is true for Android and iPad app versions of Drive. Sigh.
Pam Cranford

@Pam Cranford suggested another free iPad app, OoReader. If you're not familiar with OoReader, it's "OpenOffice Reader" which allows you to view ODS (OpenDocumentSpreadsheet) files.

Somehow, it works and I now have this option that enables me to interact with the XLS file.

And, once in OoReader, the file can be viewed in other apps:

Thanks to Pam Cranford for sharing her approach!

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