Monday, February 25, 2013

Exploring the New AudioNotes #iPad app

Looking for a great note-taking app? At first, I thought that Evernote was the answer, but now I'm finding AudioNotes to be a better contender. While Evernote's ubiquitous access makes it a winner, I've found it to be rife with problems in low wireless access environments. Often, my notes--and audio recordings--are lost.
iPhone screenshot but works great (normal-sized) on iPad.
Enter AudioNotes, an iPad app that records audio and syncs your typed text (notes) with each other. Want to jump to a spot in the audio recording? Tap on a word that jogs your memory. Absolutely wonderful and works on your iPad with or without an Internet connection.

Find out more at

AudioNotes recently made some changes, allowing you to embed photos from your camera roll directly into your AudioNote page. They've also made it easy to export your text+audio notes via WiFi, and work with them on multiple platforms such as Mac and Windows (although, not Linux). This makes it easy to export audio portion of your notes, copy-n-paste, etc.
AudioNotes Lite (no cost) version that allows you to export your audio recording
as a WAV or CAF formatted file, easily opened in Audacity sound editor.

I can easily save AudioNotes' file straight to Google Drive by choosing "Open in Another app" and create a repository for my AudioNotes files there, which I can then open at any time. This also makes it easy to share audionotes among team members!

The only thing missing for AudioNotes is Evernote integration. How about it guys? Work together?

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