Monday, February 18, 2013

Buzz Off Unless...

Colleague and friend, Doug "Blue Skunk" Johnson shares the following "Wake Up!" info for press release pariahs--because that's what you are when you send a blogger an undesired press release for a product completely unrelated to his content--in his blog entry, No Soliciting:
I will not endorse or mention a product (at least without a heavy-duty disclaimer) which I don't have experience using in our district. This is important. While the product itself might look very cool, it's only through experience that one learns about little things like support, compatibility, bug fixes, situational customizations, and unintended consequences of use.
As tempting as it is to say "No, buzz off!" I'm turning a new leaf. Times are hard, and I'm not unrealistic as Doug who charges $100K. I honestly had a laugh at the following request that was sent my way:

Would you like some coffee in exchange for a review?

Aromo have taken the best Arabica beans and roasted a blend that I think is exceptional, even if I do say so myself, and your readers would like to hear about it too.
So just reply to this email and tell me 
1. whether you'd prefer coffee beans or ground?
2. where should I send it?,
3. where you'll be publishing the review?,

and I'll get some heading over to you pronto.

Coffee? Really? While I LOVE Almond Joy Coffee from Buon Giorno (pictured below), or a vente Caffe Mocha from Starbucks, I'm not sure that coffee for a review is going to cut it.

Or, consider this request, which is essentially a request for a free review:

It’s Veronica from Cometdocs. I am reaching out to you regarding the possibility of getting an expert review of our recently updated free service, which is a useful tool for educators and students.
After a four-year presence on the market and millions of users, Cometdocs is no longer just a simple free file conversion tool.  The whole service has been transformed into a full-fledged free web document management system.  

You can tell you're dealing with a form. I bet you thought, fellow bloggers, that YOU were the only one to get Veronica's email.

A similar request comes from folks who are "targeting the education space." I'm not even on the top 100 list of blogs anymore (yes, I have fallen into obscurity, and no one is trying to give me an award for having fun writing) compiled by some online degrees cheap advertising splattered all over their web site but they just happen to make awesome infographics they mass produce and send to everyone. However, I still get requests like this one:
My name is Riley Maguire, part of the team at, and I wanted to get in touch with you to let you know about our platform that allows anyone to create interactive videos.  
We are targeting the education space, one that has a huge dependency on video and we can bring a lot of value allowing teachers and students to further engage in a more practical way.
While legit, I'm going to be blunt. If you want a review, I'll be happy to post one for $300 each. Yes, that's right. Around the Corner isn't as expensive as Blue Skunk blog. . .otherwise, with all due respect to publicity specialists, directors, whatever title you have for spamming innocent, hard-working bloggers, buzz off unless....

Full Disclosure: Not one of the folks--Aromo, Cometdocs, in this blog entry paid me or sent me anything to castigate their approach to getting reviews. Their products might not be all bad and they are good sports for letting me feature them in this get tough on press releases blog entry. That aside, if they would like to click the Donate button below, I wouldn't object. Maybe enough for a cup of coffee?  :-)

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doug0077 said...

$300? Cheap for your soul, good name, and integrity.

No takers at the $100K level.

I think of the little story about the little boy at the lemonade stand with the sign that says "Lemonade - $1,000,000 a glass.

A man comes up and says, "You sure aren't going to sell many glasses of lemonade at THAT price!"

The little boy says, "I only gotta sell one."

Have a good one, amigo!


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