Assessing Technology Integration

Recently, this email popped into my inbox:
I’ve been asked to find some solutions to assess teacher technology proficiencies beyond  the STaR Chart survey.  We would prefer free, but open to exploring all that is available.  Can you offer some solutions?  Anything is welcomed. 
Here's my response:

Several tools available, but of them, the Levels of Teaching Innovation (LOTI) by Dr. Chris Moersch is the best. Free (it's vendor-sponsored, enabling Dr. Moersch to offer it at no charge to schools in Texas), and easy to use. I highly recommend it.
Here's how you could implement it (or do better!):
You could also take a look at SAMR and TIMS (from Florida).
And, of course, I forgot to mention this resource that Dr. Roland Rios and I compiled for the TCEA 2013 State Conference's Campus Leadership Academy, Models of Technology Integration.

Is technology integration still an issue in your district? I really like the idea of using an instruction-focused assessment, not unlike the Classroom Learning Activity Rubric. How are you approaching assessment of technology as it appears as part of pedagogy?

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