No More Lists?

‎"I love reading another reader’s list of favorites. Even when I find I do not share their tastes or predilections, I am provoked to compare, contrast, and contradict. It is a most healthy exercise, and one altogether fruitful." 
Remembering T.S. Eliot, who died on this day in 1965.
Eliot's quote made me think of the various lists of blogs that are available to choose from these days. I can't open an RSS feed without seeing a master list of this or that. Wow, isn't that fantastic? I remember the "old" days a few years ago when I started blogging. We looked around and there weren't that many voices. That became one of the could we involve others--curriculum directors, principals, superintendents--and bring them online so they could join the global conversation?

As I survey the mound of RSS feeds, tweets, Google Plus postings, I realize that they've arrived. Not everyone is participating, to be sure, but we can no longer claim that folks are not a part of the conversation. As we become even more hyper-connected, the question shifts to something else. Are we doing anything with those connections? What's the benefit of being connected to the world if you aren't changing your particular situation for the better?

This is where people skills are needed. While those with technology aptitude succeeded at a time when technology was difficult to use, now as the technology becomes easy and ubiquitous, what happens? I would suggest that the technology folks will head for the mountains, the arctic circle equivalents.

John Spencer points out that "We share the megaphone," that all of us have increasing access to social media tools to get our message out there. Will technologists share the megaphone or switch to a new one, even more difficult to use than the current one? Will we drop Twitter, Facebook for Google Plus? Where will it end? When do we have enough tools to get the job done, when do we have enough voices to make a difference, when do we know enough to change where/how we live?

The time for list-making is over. Let's do something more than just make lists of voices that affirm our specific perspective.

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