MyNotes - 10 Steps to eLearning Development

In 10 Steps to Developing an Online Course, Walter Sinnot-Armstrong (Duke University) shares his perspective. I LOVE how approachable his steps are and clear-cut. Of course, execution is something altogether different. Watching this video inspires me to want to do the same, as well as develop an online course.

Here are my notes on the video above:

10 Steps to Developing an Online Course
by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Duke Univ
Over 100K students attend his class via Coursera

1. Develop syllabus - topics and how long
2. Divide material into segments - where would it be useful to have exercise afterwards.
3. Write scripts for little segments - think through how someone who's taking the course will react to it.

4. AV Setup - Get lighting
5. Record Segments - Video segment recording. Give the lecture. Stop.
6. Edit and Enhance - piece them together, edits them, throws in pictures.

7. Obtain Permissions - Get permissions for copyright item.
8. Create Quizzes - take it once, take it again and take the best grade.
9. Upload it 

10. Monitor and Revise - Discussion forum monitoring. If there are complaints, they let teacher know so those can be fixed.

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