Thursday, January 24, 2013

#iPad Printing Made Easy - PrintCentral

There's nothing so frustrating for me as realizing I had a desired software feature but didn't know it because I failed to explore the software well enough. Still, on the positive side, it's great to find a feature.

Printing has always seemed a bit elusive on the iPad. Let's define the target:
I want to setup my iPad to print just like my computer--I want to type in the IP address for the printer on the network and then print from the device.
Some time ago, I invested in PrintCentral ($8.99), an iPhone app that works on the iPad. After trying to print with it once or twice, I gave up on it, not realizing I'd missed the key feature. Then, just yesterday, months after I originally purchased it, I tried to print again to satisfy a colleague's request. Sure enough, PrintCentral worked. Two seconds later, my colleague had purchased the app and was printing as well.


Although one of the reasons many of embrace tablet devices is to go paperless, we occasionally have to print. PrintCentral makes that possible. Here's what "possible" looks like:

1) Open a PDF file in Readdle's Documents then tap on the share button in the top right corner (what is the official name of that button?)

Notice that you have several options...the "Print" button is worthless unless you have an AirPrinter. However, you can choose the Open in... button.

2) Tap on the "Open in..." button and select "Open in PrintCentral:"

3) If your printer is already setup in PrintCentral, you'll be able to print right away:

Setting up a printer is pretty easy...provided you tap on the PRINTER tab amidst the choices available.

I often wish PrintCentral came in an iPad version but this works just fine....

How are you printing from your iOS device?

By the way, you may have noticed I have PrinterPro ($6.99) installed as well as PrintCentral. It did NOT work.  It could never connect to the printer, and, as such, I do not recommend it.

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Anonymous said...

so glad to see this
i have it on the iPad and its worth every penny
def would recommend and thanks for the review!

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