Coming Soon - 10 Texas Education Conferences in 2013

Wondering what conferences are coming up in Texas? Here's my list...what am I missing?

  1. Feb 4-8 TCEA 2013 State Conference
    1. Feb 5 Texas K-12 CTO Council’s Winter Meeting (Austin)
      Note: Audience is limited to CTOs, Tech Directors
  2. Feb 9 Academy for Teacher Excellence (ATE) Super Saturday 
  3. Mar 4-7 SXSW EDU
  4. Apr 18-19 TechFiesta
  5. May 17-18 Texas Google Summit
  6. June 10-11 TCEA Tots and Technology (Galveston)
  7. June 18-19 iPadPalooza (Austin)
  8. June 19-20 Texas CTO Mtg (Austin)
  9. June 23-26 ISTE Conf (SA)
  10. August 6-8 C-SCOPE Conf (SA)

    A target audience I'd like to see addressed is campus and district technicians. Often, the "official" training is WAY too expensive and many districts don't appreciate technicians enough to pay for the expensive certification training. I'd like to help technicians get MORE training, even if it's not connected to some official certification process.

    Wouldn't it be neat to have a San Antonio, Texas area-wide conference focused on technicians, the people who do the hard work day in and day out of making it work when students and staff mess it up?

    Plus one and Retweet this blog entry +Monica Isabel Martinez and @tcea if you think technicians deserve their own conference in the San Antonio area!

    If you are looking for other online professional learning opportunities, consider this collection compiled by Shelley.

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