3 Inexpensive Nexus 7 Cases

Looking for an inexpensive Nexus 7 case? Recently, I received this email from MobileFun encouraging me to check out Nexus 7 accessories.
I'm from MobileFun. I just read your really interesting article on how to connect the Nexus 7 to other devices, and was wondering if you'd be interested in doing similar articles featuring our Nexus 7 accessories. Around the Corner is a great site, and one that we'd love to see our products on. 
If you're interested, check out our Nexus 7 accessories here. Two of my particular favourites are the SD TabletWear Stand Case and the FlexiShield Wave.
Of course, I wrote MobileFun folks and asked to review the cases mentioned. They are fairly inexpensive and worth a second look, and the market is exploding for Nexus 7 tablet accessories at less cost.

Here's a quick gallery of pictures, and you can see my remarks below.

MobileFun shared two of these cases with the groove design (Carbon Fibre, which they are currently having a clearance sale on at $23.99) and Black faux leather design, both of which look great as you can see from the pictures. In the end, the winner was the faux leather cover since the carbon fibre look just didn't have the same appeal (both cases serve as Nexus 7 stands, as you can see in the image below).

This was the immediate favorite of the 3 cases due to its low-impact design and ability to hug the backside of the case, albeit leaving the front of the Nexus 7 with its beautiful screen unprotected. That said, you can probably drop your Nexus 7 and it will survive first impact unless it lands smack on an object face-down. In that case, you're out of luck. If you decide to invest in the low-cost FlexiShield, I encourage you to get some kind of screen protector.

How are you protecting your Nexus 7 tablet?

Note: Please be aware that I received 3 cases for the purposes of this review. 

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