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Exploring #iPad Workflows #Drive #Edmodo

As I shared earlier, I'll be facilitating a few workshops this Spring/Summer, 2013. Here's part of one of them focused on clarifying iPad workflows...they include "rough-hewn" un-edited videos:

iPad Workflows - Getting Work on/off your iPad Created by Miguel Guhlin (; ;

Getting Ready - Adjust Your Settings!
Note: These workflows depend on several apps available at no charge on iOS devices. You will need to adjust the settings on these apps to reflect the following information:
AppSettings to AdjustReaddle Documents

Cost: Free on iPad.General Tab: This tab covers security and protection. You can leave settings as is.
Wi-Fi Drive: Switch the “Enable Drive” setting to ON. If in a public environment, turn ON “Ask for Password.”
Sync: If using iCloud, choose the appropriate Automatic Sync setting or disable it. Set “Use New WebDAV Engine” to ON.
File Manager: Switch the “Show Photos” to ON. This will allow you to make cop…

Encrypting Evernote with Mailvelope #openpgp #encryption #privacy

A few weeks ago, I bemoaned the fact that Evernote--free or Premium--lacked built-in support for GPG public/private key encryption. Although many have shared that Evernote offers many encryption/privacy options for the notes, the truth is, some may not be satisfied with that.

This blog entry explores using a Chrome browser add-on--Mailvelope--to encrypt Evernote notes with your OpenPGP/GPG public key. A few quick warnings:

Encrypt data in Evernote with this approach, you won't be able to search it.Chances are, you won't be able to decrypt it on anything short of a full computer with all the right software loaded (e.g. Chrome, Mailvelope, Evernote). I imagine some Android apps could do this.File attachments won't be encrypted. You might as well encrypt them by compressing them with 7z AES-256 encryption (e.g. Keka on Mac, 7z on Windows).None of this happens automatically. Simply, don't put anything into Evernote unencrypted (it's so easy to make that mistake these da…

Save Texas Schools #legislature #Texas #edchat

STS San Antonio Conference-Friday, Feb. 8 Where: Northside Activity Center
7001 Culebra Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78238

Driving Directions

Friday, Feb. 8 6:30-8:30 pm
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Register for the Save Texas Schools March and Rally in Austin on Feb. 23! Dear Public School Supporter,
Texas public schools are at a crossroad. With underfunding and over-testing created by past legislatures, we need change NOW! Join Save Texas Schools and San Antonio area partners for the  STS San Antonio Conference on Friday evening, Feb. 8.We'll work together to make sure that we have a legislature that understands the vital role public education plays in our state's future.
Speakers at the conference include State Rep. Mike Villarreal, Northside ISD Supt. Brian Woods as well as other local education leaders, parents and students. There will be a panel discussion, audience questions and time for table discussions around next steps.
The conference is FREE (suggested $5 donation) and includes a light di…

Google Certified Teacher Demo Slam

Earlier this year, I was invited to develop a GoogleApp Demo Slam for the TCEA 2013 conference. I had no idea what a slam was, but I gathered it involved quickly sharing some neat take-away that folks could use. I'm still mulling what my demo slam might be, but I was thrilled to run across these demos in my Google Certified Teacher email:

Here is the Google Demo Slam that a group of GCTs presented at ISTE2012: 
Containing the following AMAZING demos by #eduawesome GCTs

Bob MaddenPutting a clickable TOC in PresentationAaron SvobodaForm Emailer Script by Henrique AbreuLaurie WalesIntegrating Forms into SitesTroy CockrumYouTube Annotated Links and Custom SlamTom AdamsGoogle Calendar subscribe popupSean Beaverson Automagical!Alice KeelerGoogle VoicePete MoranWindows to Docs and back againJoan BrownSpreadsheet Gadgets Vocab and moreJayme JohnsonSuperSearchingSean WilliamsGoogle Art Project

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Video - A Pep Talk

If you haven't seen this video, A Pep Talk from Kid President to You, it's definitely worth watching:

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Moving Towards a Culture of Learning #MOOCs

Update: I couldn't help but notice an influx of visitors from the revered OlDaily Site (Stephen Downes). There, 3 types of MOOCs are incorrectly attributed to me, a self-confessed ignoramus on MOOCs (at this time!). Here's my note to Stephen about the correction: Stephen, please note the citation at the bottom of the section dividing MOOCs into 3 areas. I do not claim credit for it, only quote it as an example of how MOOCs are being classified.
The credit goes to Lisa's Online Teaching Blog at Please correct this as soon as possible. I do not want to be a MOOCing expert. ;-) With appreciation,
Miguel Guhlin
Over the last few months, years, I've done my best to ignore MOOCs. I mean, who needs one more approach to eLearning? And anyways, who wants to grade that many assignments from students? I have trouble managing 20 eLearners...several thousand? Unbelievable.

However, the MOOC engine is picking up steam and …