Tuesday, December 11, 2012

@Zite CEO Responds #contentcuration #ipad

Update: Thanks to Zite folks (and Mark Johnson) for fixing the issue discussed below!

Where in the Zite 2.0 is the Notebook feature? I miss this terribly. Anyone else?
Thanks to Mark Johnson for acknowledging yesterday's blog entry on the issues Evernote fanatics have with the new Zite 2.0 app! As I shared yesterday,
Thanks for the detailed feedback about Evernote - this kind of analysis is really helpful. We'll look into improving it in future versions. -Mark Johnson, CEO, Zite on Zite 2.0 - Failed Sharing & Curation Goof @zite @evernote
 The more I play with Zite 2.0, the nicer it is...except for the missing Evernote feature, highlighted in the screenshot from my iPad above. This is terrible omission because it leaves one wishing the following assertion from the Zite folks was completely accurate:
“For our current fans, don’t worry: we’ve kept all of the things you love about Zite. Our underlying discovery engine still looks at millions of articles each day and create a magazine unique to you based on your personal interests...we’ve made Zite a lot better. Zite 2.0 is the evolution of Zite from a personalized magazine to an intelligent magazine. In Zite 2.0 we’ve focused on making Zite smarter than ever, introducing discovery at every turn, and designing Zite to be both beautiful and smart.”
Ok, that point aside, Zite 2.0 has a lot of nifty features worth getting excited about! Keep up the great work and I look forward to the improvement that re-enables Evernote Notebook sharing, and content curation that works!

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