Turn Your iPad into Batpad - GumDrop #iPad Case Revisited

Image Source: Tested via Gizmodo

Have you dropped your iPad lately? It's a scary feeling, watching a significant investment fall towards the floor. As you extend your leg, hoping to somehow slow the fall as the iPad impacts with your calf, resting for brief moments on your foot before executing an uninspired thud on the carpet (whew!), you feel the remorse blended with a healthy helping of panic--Why didn't I put the GumDrop case on my iPad?

Encased rubber, a hard plastic border that defines the GumDrop s durable rubber case, a transparent screen that protects your iPad's screen, my iPad looks more like an iPad version of Batman, a Batpad of sorts (or for fun, a BatiPad). At first, I thought the extra weight of the iPad would be unnecessarily burdensome, but to be honest, I'm more inclined to leave the iPad encased in its protective cover.

Anyone else using these?

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