One Drive to Rule Them All - Gathering Students' #iPad Work in #Google #Drive

In a previous blog entry that has been visited many times, 7 Ways to Collect Student Work in an iPad Classroom, I share a few ways to get student work off your iPad. However, given that Google Drive has made some dramatic changes in how it works, I'm making a new suggestion--Use the Open in App option and choose Drive.
Google Drive is a free service that lets you store all your files including documents, photos, videos and Google Docs online and access them anywhere. (Source)
Drive changes everything in terms of how we can get work off of student devices. While there are many workflows to explore with each of your favorite apps, here's what it looks like with Keynote (also works with Pages and probably Apple's other apps) that makes WebDav servers unnecessary.

Overall Process
1. Install Drive on your iPad
2. Have student or person who wants to get data off login to their Drive account (e.g. GoogleDocs).
3. Go into the App you want to get work out of, and choose Open in App.
4. Choose Drive.

New Workflow for Keynote

1. Decide on the iPad presentation you want to share.

In this case, I want the motorcycle preso on "Test to Drive"

2. Open the presentation by tapping on it....

3. Tap on the wrench in the top right corner of the screen and choose Share and Print:

4. From the Share and Print menu, choose Open in Another App

5. Choose Keynote format.
Although you can save your Keynote in 3 different formats, as a student wanting to make a backup of my Keynote presentation in its original format so that I can edit it again, I would choose the Keynote format. Taking this step will prepare my file for sharing my original Keynote formatted file on Drive.

Note that once you choose Keynote as the format, Keynote will begin preparing the presentation.

6. Click on Choose App button to... the Drive icon labeled "Open in Google Drive"

7. Click on UPLOAD in the Upload Item window that appears. This will place your Keynote presentation file at the root (top) level of your GoogleDrive. I wish it would allow you to select a folder, but it's not difficult to move the file using Drive app on your iPad.

Note that the Keynote presentation file appears in your Drive...this view below is a reflection of the Drive iPad app.

8. When you tap on the Keynote file stored on Drive, you will see the following window below. In the top right-hand corner of the page, you will see the Actions button (arrow in a box) and you can click on OPEN IN...

Choose OPEN IN KEYNOTE so open that file.

Keynote will import the presentation file from where it is saved in Google Drive.

Once it's imported, you will be able to manipulate it as any presentation stored in Keynote! Pretty nifty!

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JeanTower said…
We use Google Drive on our iPads and we love it.
We are a Google Apps for Education district and find Google is improving Google Drive all the time.

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