Sunday, December 30, 2012

No Windows 8 or PC Hardware for Me

Avoid the Windows curse? Source: Google Plus Post

Scott Laleman shared his sour experience with Windows 8 piece of equipment:
I spent about 30 minutes playing around with my mom's new Asus laptop with Win8. I was more frustrated after 10 minutes than I've been with any technology as of late. Microsoft certainly hasn't made it easy to get around their new OS, and thinking of it as a mobile device didn't help, either. It is hands down the most radical change to Windows since Win95 came out, and not in a good way, IMHO.
I don't know about you, but I hate it when a software vendor tells me, "You can't run any operating system on hardware except our's." Huh?
...the manner in which Microsoft has restricted the Surface from loading non-signed software / binaries by implementing UEFI SecureBoot. Microsoft has loaded on the ARM based tablet its private key instead of the 'Microsoft Windows UEFI Driver Publisher' key, which is needed to sign non-Microsoft software like Linux distributions or loaders. So, no publisher key = no signed non-Microsoft binary = no Linux." (Source: Slashdot)
Realizations like this one send me a simple message, and it should send a wake-up call to everyone out there. Why the heck are we locking ourselves into an operating system that won't let us use the hardware? And, hardware vendors, here's a clue--I won't buy your hardware, Asus, if I can't dual boot Linux or load another operating system on it. I want the freedom--and think our schools should have that freedom--to load whatever software I want on a device.

John Spencer makes this point over on his blog:
When schools buy into a particular product en masse, they also buy into a particular business model. It's easy to see this with the textbook companies (a misnomer, because they are a huge educational industry conglomerate). These companies have influenced policy at the Federal level, run many of the content-based companies, own small tutoring companies, create the materials we use for intervention and own software for progress monitoring.
I write these words on a PC running LubuntuLinux. It may be the last Windows capable computer I buy until this UEFI issue is worked through:
booting and installing Linux on Windows 8 PCs will remain an order of magnitude harder than it is on earlier model PCs. (Source: ZDnet)
Too bad for Windows 8 sales. Not sure what the deal is? Read more about it here.

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