Saturday, December 1, 2012

Managing Android Tablets #Nexus7 with @LANSchool

A few weeks ago, I asked a question via Twitter and to others around:
How do you manage your Android tablets, like Nexus 7?

The answer was found lingering in a Google+ post comment by Beth Mossholder:

We are doing a pilot of Nexus 7 tablets and we have LanSchool that we use to manage them. Works great on all our devices and for $3000, we have unlimited licenses for our school. Works on Mac Linux and PC as well as Apps for Android and iOS, you are probably familiar with it; but thats what we use on our nexus 7's
 Sure enough, when you go look at LANSchool for Android, that's what they say:
LanSchool provides a free Student for Android tablets. LanSchool supports the Android operating system 2.3.3 and newer. Specific Android validation was performed using the following platforms: Samsung Galaxy tablets, Lenovo tablets, Google Nexus 7 tablet, and the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.
The capabilities described below will only work with an existing LanSchool v7.7 or greater environment.
Some of their features include the following:
  • Each device acts as a classroom response system testing system where students can respond to teacher questions and take tests.
  • Each device acts as a classroom response system where students can respond to teacher questions.
  • From the teacher's console you can gather information on the Android device such as current application running, network information and battery charge.
  • From the teacher's console you can see a thumbnail of the device when running the LanSchool Student app.
  • Receive a “Show Teacher” screen broadcast, or messages from the teacher, or ask the teacher a question
What doesn't yet seem available--from Barnes and Noble or Google--is how to easily add purchased content onto the device. We'll have to see how that shapes up in the future.

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