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Job Posting - Executive Director of Technology Services

Aldine ISD (Texas) has a job posting for the position of Executive Director of Technology Services. Here's the relevant information.

The job posting closes January 7, 2013, so move fast! Below is the announcement letter posted on the site, and the job announcement.

Note: Out of district applicants must schedule an initial interview and have an application on file prior to being considered. Please call 281-985-6306.


We are accepting applications for the position of Executive Director of Technology Services at the Administrative Annex.
The Director of Technology Services must hold at least a bachelor degree from an accredited college or university with a degree in computer science, or a related technical field.  The director must, also, have at least five (5) years of supervisory experience in a mixed platform networked environment  in either  the business or  educational field. In  addition,  the director  shall have experience supporting large scale LAN and WAN environments, and support of data, voice, and video technologies.
To be considered for this position, you must submit the following materials to the Office of the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources by the end of the day on Monday, January 7, 2013:  
(1) letter of  interest, (2)  official transcript(s) with  degree  posted,  and a (3)  current resume reflecting the qualifications stated. 
NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT THESE MATERIALS. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Submit a hard copy of your letter of interest along  with  other  required  material  to  Gloria  Cavazos,  Assistant  Superintendent  of  Human Resources, by the deadline.  Letters of interest sent via e-mail or by fax will not be accepted.  IN ORDER  TO  BE  CONSIDERED  FOR  THIS  POSITION,  ALL  MATERIALS  MUST ACCOMPANY YOUR LETTER OF INTEREST. 
Job Description:


1. The Executive Director of Technology Services shall have earned at least a bachelor’s
degree from an approved institution with a major in computer science, business
administration or related field, or a degree in another field plus comparable experience.
2. The Executive Director of Technology Services shall have a minimum of five (5) years of supervisory experience in data processing  in either the business or the educational
3. The Executive Director of Technology Services shall have experience in microcomputer
technology, telecommunications, ERP systems, web programming and design,
instructional uses of technology, and computer networking.
The Board of Education shall appoint the Executive Director of Technology Services upon
the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools for a term of not more than two (2)
years, and the contract will be considered for extension at the regular February meeting each
The Executive Director of Technology Services shall be responsible to the Deputy
Superintendent for the performance of all duties.
1. Director of Technology Information Services
2. Director of Technology Support Services
3. Director of Technology Web Services
1. Instructional Management
a. Is aware of the district’s curricular and instructional implementation strategies and the
specific ways in which technology supports instruction.
b. Provides a plan for using technology in instructional and administrative applications
to meet the changing needs of students and staff.
c. Meets with curriculum committees and technology committees in order to develop or
enable appropriate instructional and administrative applications. 2018-2
2. School/Organizational Climate
a. Works with all staff members in the development and the understanding of proper
procedures for documentation, and the procedures in support of district technologies.
b. Demonstrates the ability to work with others in a positive, productive way.
c. Works harmoniously with all administrative and teaching personnel.
d. Provides customer service which meets the needs of administration, teachers, and
e. Promotes sound communication techniques with others, both inside and outside the
3. School Improvement
a. Focuses the development of technology of the district towards the accomplishments
of its goals and objectives.
b. Plans, organizes, and controls the activities of the technology department as related to
the district’s finance and payroll operations, warehouse inventory, fixed assets,
computerized work orders, student services, tax collections, and schools.
c. Establishes procedures for the utilization  of existing and future data processing
d. Supervises feasibility and procedural  studies for new and existing computer
applications and equipment.
e. Ensures that the wide area network is maintained, monitored, and secured.
f. Ensures that district technologies are maintained and repaired efficiently and as
swiftly as possible.
g. Coordinates with other departments to facilitate the use of technology.
h. Provides support for student services.
i. Ensures security of the WAN and only appropriate access is permitted.
j. Ensures that district telecommunications systems are operational and maintained.
k. Acts in consultation capacity for grant writers and grant managers.
l. Works with Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction to provide
technology for instructional purposes. 2018-3
4. Personnel Management
a. Supervises technology services staff and assigns duties as appropriate.
b. Works with district trainer to develop and implement training for district personnel.
c. Demonstrates high expectations of staff.
d. Fosters collegiality and team building among technology staff.
e. Recognizes efforts and achievements of the technology staff.
5. Administrative and Fiscal/Facilities Management
a. Ensures that computer operations as related to the district’s financial and
payroll/personnel operations, purchasing, warehousing, inventory control, and fixed
assets are operational and maintained.
b. Ensures that Technology Services department is efficiently and effectively managed.
c. Prepares and administers the budget for Technology services.
d. Ensures district technology inventories are properly maintained and accounted for.
6. Student Management
a.  Demonstrates support of the student management system and facilitates needs in
regard to technology utilization.
7. School/Community Relations
a. Assists in public relations as directed by the Deputy Superintendent.
b. Projects a positive image to the community.
c. Demonstrates awareness of school and community relationships.
8. Professional Growth and Development
a. Uses information provided through assessment instruments, the district appraisal
process, and evaluation feedback from supervisors to improve performance.
b. Strives to improve leadership skills through self-initiated professional development
c. Utilizes information and insights gained in professional development programs for
self-improvement. 2018-4
d. Disseminates ideas and information to other professionals; provides leadership in
addressing the challenges facing the profession.
e. Conducts oneself in a professional, ethical, and responsible manner.
9. Other
a. Performs all other duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools and/or
Deputy Superintendent.
1.   The job performance statements shall constitute the criteria for an evaluation form with
an evaluation code as follows:
N/A Measure Not Being Taken.
1 No Measurable Progress.
2 Progressed Toward The Goal.
3 Met The Goal.
4 Exceeded The Goal.
5 Significantly Exceeded the Goal.
2. The evaluation form shall contain a place for comments and general observations made
by the evaluating person. These comments shall constitute additional criteria for
3. The Executive Director of Technology Services’ evaluation is a responsibility resting
with the Deputy Superintendent.
4. The Deputy Superintendent shall submit the completed evaluation of the Executive
Director of Technology Services at the time stipulated.
5. Administrators will be appraised according to the following calendar:
Action Plan and Goal Setting Conference July – August
Data Collection and Analysis September – May
Contract Recommendation January
Summative Conference May/June 2018-5
G.  Salary:
The salary of the Executive Director of  Technology Services shall be based on the
schedule adopted by the Board of Trustees for this position.
Source: Local
 Approved: 4-15-2003
 Revised: 8-19-2008
 Reviewed: 8-17-2010 

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