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#iPad Business Apps - Share with Your District #CFO

Welcome to my list of essential and neat to have business apps. I'm sure I missed a few zillion of them in either category. It was also tough trying to strike a balance between "business business" and "education business," if you catch my drift! Not being a CFO or Assistant Superintendent of Finance, or even in that area, I'm not sure what's useful exactly.

Please be aware that the AppsGoneFree app allows you to find out when paid apps are available for free and can be installed on your iOS device.
Of course, it was a conversation with a CFO colleague that got me started with this list! I'm sharing it with him and asking, "How is this list working for you?"

There are several ways to get data off an iPad; these are outlined below:

#1 - Print to File using a special printing app
#2 - Share Pictures and Videos in Camera Roll with Others
#3 - Sync to iTunes
#4 - Save to Dropbox or a WebDav Server via (you'll need to setup an account)

Click the links below on an iPad to open up the iTunes so you can install them.

When I first started this list, I had a million apps on it. I've since backed down and focused in on just a few. Still, when the motto for the iPad is "There's an app for that," you're bound to be overwhelmed. Just take your time.


  1. Multi-Purpose Document Viewer and File Manager: 
    • Readdle Docs ($4.99) - A multi-purpose viewer app that works with just about every file format--such as PDFs, ePub, etc.--out there. Very nice, easy to use, highly recommended.
  2. Cloud Storage Solution: 
  3. Form Creation
  4. Social Media Tools
  5. Note-Taking and Recording
    • EverNote (no cost) - This is the best app on the iPad, IMHO, with its note-taking capabilities that include still images, audio and more. I simply love this app. If I find out that upgrading will result in saving EverNote content to my iPad for offline viewing, then I will happily pay for it.
    • Dragon Dictation (no cost) - "...speak and instantly see your text or email messages. In fact, it’s up to five (5) times faster than typing on the keyboard."
  6. Web Browsers - Although you can just use Safari, there are other iPad browsers that enable you to do a lot more. If you need more sharing capabilities, then consider Apollo + Add-Ons browser. If you need Flash support on your iPad, get Puffin ($2.99) Browser.
  7. Productivity & Printing Apps (view comparison chart)

    1. Google Drive (Free) - Allows for easy access to GoogleDocs/Drive documents. Light editing is possible and updates to the app improve productivity periodically.
    2. Office 2 HD ($7.99) - This is a must-have app if you use GoogleApps, need WebDav, Dropbox,, and integration with other systems. I bought this and love it's ease of use. You might want to read this comparison chart. It provides MS Word, MS Excel, and Powerpoint compatibility, as well as integrates with GoogleApps.
    3. Keynote Presentation tool ($9.99). This presentation software allows you to embed video, images from your Camera Roll and creates stunning presentations. If you need a word processor, spreadsheet tool,  get Office 2 HD.
    4. Printopia ($20) or PrintCentral ($8.99) - Note that PrintCentral is available for FREE on 12/12/12), also reputed to do the same thing.
    5. Docusign Ink - Sign documents via your iPad. I haven't used it yet but await the opportunity.
    6. Genius Scan - Turns your device into a scanner.

Other Neat Business Apps might not be able to live without, but that I didn't add to the essential, must-have for business list:

  1. Calculator for iPad Free
  2. FlexPlayer - A great video can sideload videos and play them here. No ads.
  3. GoToMeeting - Attend GoToMeetings via your iPad.
  4. i-nigma - QR Code reader
  5. Kayak Pro ($.99) - "Includes flight and car search, hotel search and booking, flight tracker and My Trips, so you have your full itinerary at your fingertips."
  6. LinkedIn - Keep in touch with professional connections.
  7. OmniGraffle ($49.99) - Make diagrams easily. or get the free SimpleMind + Graphic Organizer.
  8. OmniGraphSketcher ($14.99) - Make graphs easily or use the less expensive EasyChart ($.99).
  9. Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker (free) - 
  10. SignEasy (free) - a way to sign and fill documents out.
  11. WebEx - Attend WEbEx meetings via your iPad.
Extra Reading
I found several blog entries relevant to this topic, but these were particularly excellent:

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