Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I quit!! I'm not an EdTech Evangelist anymore!

Please include your tech specifications, as well.

The EdTech Evangelist's Prayer
Please let them continue in ignorance so that they may turn to me and be saved from their abandonment of the triune path of HOTS, HEAT, and STaR!

Tim Stahmer (Assorted Stuff) asks the question, Are EdTech Conferences Still Relevant? He points out:
Despite decades of spending on “educational” computing and talk of web 2.0/21st century skills, actually using all that technology is still optional.  For most administrators and teachers – and students for that matter – it is not an essential part of the school learning process.
Thus we have conferences about education separate from those about technology in education.
I agree that education and technology are as far away from each other as ever before. The preached philosophy of edtech, that oxymoron of educational technology (or instructional technology) are pipe dreams that haven't borne out. With that in mind, I hereby submit my resignation as an edtech evangelist.

How do you know you're an edtech evangelist? Let's see...
  1. You assert that technology can be integrated into classroom instruction, in spite of the evidence that technology integration has failed.
  2. You focus on introducing all sorts of technologies (e.g. gaming, twitter, etc.) that no one in K-12 instruction actually believes will make a difference to student achievement on high stakes tests.
  3. You insist that technology should be taught in a computer lab with real computers, separate from instruction. 
  4. You expect teachers to attend technology-centric professional development where they throw up their hands and say, "Oh, but I will I remember this when I get back to my classroom!" and you pander to their willful ignorance.
  5. You firmly believe that things can be better if only principals and leadership will have access to the latest and greatest technologies BEFORE teachers and students do.
What other indicators bespeak an edtech evangelist is in the room? Maybe we should meditate on the traits of the edtech evangelist:
  • You believe in suffering for hours on end, doing the tech work that teachers, principals, superintendents, whomever isn't willing to learn how to do. You hold out hope that this suffering will convince them, by the weight of their guilt or compassion or both, to learn to use technology. 
  • You are the person--the fount-- who dispenses technology savvy and wisdom. When a decision needs to be made about technology, people look to you because you're the only one allowed to have an opinion.
  • All technology mysteries are revealed to you, whether by tweet or google search, because everyone else isn't willing to do their own darn research.
How long have YOU been an edtech evangelist? Well, honey, wake up and check out the apps!

In response to Tim's question, of course these conferences should blend. But like competing denominations, tele-evangelists in pursuit of the almighty dollar, do we really believe that ISTE and ASCD will do little more than bend their heads to each other in acknowledgement? What big tent is large enough to house such competing perspectives?

Source: http://bit.ly/W4cJhP

Big Tent Revival! Don't you wish you still could ladle out some of that old time religion?!?

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