Gumdrops Are Falling On My Head - #iPad #iPad Mini Cases

"GumDrops keep falling on my head.
And just like the guy who's feet are just right for his bed
Everything seems to fit.
Those gumDrop are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'"
(revised lyrics inspired by the Raindrops keep falling on my head song)

A box arrived earlier today, and I opened it with eagerness. Inside, the famous GumDrop cases for the iPad and iPad Mini. After two seconds with these, I realized how wonderful they would be to have in a classroom situation...and, they would also protect adults/kids from damage during an accidental drop!

Although I've obtained a few cases for my iPad--some with keyboard attachments--I've been looking for a durable case that is easy to grip, will provide drop protection, and not get in the way of what I usually use it for...walking around in meetings snapping pictures, doing podcasting, etc.

Some of the features I liked about the GumDrop case for the iPad include the following:

  1. Easy open bottom for charging. I noticed this particular one comes with the traditional power port for the iPad 2nd, 3rd generation, rather than the lightning one.
  2. A great-looking plastic screencover (red) and black easy-to-grip, rugged black case
  3. The plugs for audio, rear and front facing cameras, volume control, on/off switch all work wonderfully well. 
  4. Peace of mind for your investment. I don't know about you but always lurking in the back of my mind is the thought that a $500+ investment (mine was more) might be dropped by accident. The GumpDrop case really gives one peace of mind!
What do I NOT like about the GumDrop?

  • I often like to watch movies while working such, I usually prop my iPad up with its case. I wish the GumDrop had a kickstand of some sort that would work when the iPad was positioned horizontally.
  • I can now use my iPad as a weapon. It's picked up a solidity (weight) that makes me feel like I could sling it a lot farther than before. Is that bad? Not sure yet.
  • Ok, so far that's it. It's really working for me!

What's more, the GumDrop comes in multiple colors, as shown below:

The GumDrop case is a great one to consider using in classrooms. I'll be carrying the GumDrop protected iPad 3rd Generation with me as I go from place to place, and I'll be sure to report back on its usability and comfort level, not to mention how well it shelters my iPad!

Also be aware that the GumDrop case is available for iPad Minis!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that I received two Gumdrop cases--at no charge--for review, including one for the iPad and the iPad Mini. These cases are approximately $59.95 each. If I think these cases aren't worthwhile, I'd say so...the free cases do not compromise my right to write what I think is accurate. At this point, I really like them and they provide peace of mind.

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Unknown said…
These cases are great! Our district bought these for our teachers and they are amazing. The best part is when you "accidentally" drop an iPad in front of a group of teachers and they flip out:) I'm hoping they consider them for the future student iPad purchases.
Dennis said…
Die Cases sehen großartig aus. Das wäre genau das richtige für mich.

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