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TCEA's Monica Martinez was kind enough to allow me to submit the following presentation:

Blending GoogleApps and iPad to Achieve Collaborative Learning
In this apps-on session, participants will have the opportunity to explore how to best take advantage of GoogleApps for Education on the Apple iPad. The fundamental question this session helps you answer is, "What is the workflow that makes interacting with GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive easy on an iPad?" 
That workflow--GoogleDocs/Drive on the iPad--is a moving target given the latest innovations from Google!

Given Google's updates to the Drive app, it may be that by February, 2013, getting access to your GoogleDocs on the iPad will be a moot point--it just works. This is critical for those of us involved in BYOD, as well as iPad deployments with students. Consider David Phillips' experience with his high school students, in response to my blog entry, One Drive to Rule Them All:

I’m using Drive for a student portfolio and also for content & assignment delivery to my students.  They are loving it, though I’m having a little difficulty weaning some from MS Word for drafting essays.  The few hiccups we’ve had with formatting we were able to figure out, and I love that each student controls his or her own archive in Drive.  I never have a problem with lost assignments, and my students can always view their assignments and the writing samples I give them for clarification.  When they are finished or when they want me to review something before they turn it in, they just share it with me and I get an email.  I can help them from my easy chair at home or wherever I am.  I even had them read an in-class essay they had written to the class using the Drive app on their phones.  So far, it’s been very successful, especially for a high school English class.

Sometimes, I think all the hesitation teachers worry about is simply much crying before jumping off the cliff. Still, doing something new when you're neck is on the line--high stakes testing--can cause anyone concern and a few gray hairs! You hope for someone who's fearless:

“More efficient than an overworked teacher! More reliable than a carry-home satchel of ungraded papers! Able to simultaneously curate infinite comments from speedily working students! Look! On the computer screen! It’s an aggregator! It’s a sharing point! It’s Google Drive!" (Source: TeachThought
Although I'm not in a classroom, I love Google Drive, in spite of privacy concerns. At least, it's my choice rather than Congress'. It's a phenomenal tool and I'd jump into a classroom with only two and Google Drive--because it would do a great job.

On the Chromebook, Google Drive is a click away and easy to access.
On the iPad, it's a cinch to access Google Drive, as I pointed out in One Drive to Rule Them All. This makes Google Drive a companion storage site for Google Sites ePortfolios (BTW, check out Kevin Brookhouser's ePortfolio Guidelines for Students).

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