Districts Lift YouTube Ban

On Saturday, school districts briefly lifted the age-old ban on YouTube, spurred by the widely distributed Meet the YouTube Next EDU Gurus presented as a trailer for YouTube channels. It was decried in many places around the world as blasphemous towards education since everyone knows that YouTube is evil creation, blending educational content with inappropriate, titillating content to corrupt the youth of...well,everywhere. "After months of criticism of the ban, school districts decided to allow students and staff to have access to YouTube again, saying steps had been taken to ensure that offensive content would not be visible through YouTube for Schools. But those efforts failed spectacularly, and the authorities quickly backslid," writes No One Cares Anymore epublication. "Quickly" is right: access to YouTube was apparently open for just 3 divine minutes, which seems about right;  it shouldn't take longer than 3 breaths to discover things on the site to which adherents of any particular school denomination might take delight in. What's shocking is this that this took lifting the ban on a wide scale, rather than just taking a smaller peek through content filtering software.

Disclaimer: Adapted from Slashdot for fun. Pakistan Lifts YouTube Ban for 3 Minutes, Finds More Blasphemy.

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