Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Connect Your #Nexus 7 Tablet to Anything!

(uhh, just kidding...that title may be a hyperbole)

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A few months ago, I had the opportunity to explore how to connect the AppleTV to just about anything. . .you just need the right adapters, etc. At the time, I thought the Apple TV would make connecting my iPad to a television set easy. And, yes, it is easy...but more often than not, I just use my iPad VGA display adapter to get it done.

As I was reflecting on the Google Nexus 7 and its use in a classroom, it occurred to me I had NO idea how to connect a Nexus 7 to a digital projector, a television, or whatever.

The Nexus 7 does not have neither HDMI out not MHL using micro USB. It does not natively support connecting or streaming to a TV via WiFi.  (Source: eKoob)

I had hopes after watching this SlimPort video, which works if you have a Nexus 4, but it will NOT work with Nexus 7. However, eKoob (definitely worth exploring) describes how to use an AppleTV with Nexus 7. Sheesh.

Here's eKoob's directions:
How to connect Nexus 7 to TV via Apple TV
1.Connect Nexus 7 to TV via Apple TV using doubleTwist AirSync AirPlay

AirSync is a paid app and costs $5. It is the most loved app for AirPlay. If you have an Apple TV and android phone or tablet like Nexus 7, This app is a must to stream videos, music, photos on to your big screen tv.

a. Download & Install AirSync from Google Play Store to your Nexus 7 Tablet.
b. Enable AirPlay by going into Air Sync Settings > Air Twist & Air Play > Enable Streaming
c. In the “Allow Network” popup, Tap Allow to allow AirTwist to use WiFi connection.
d. Play music or video on your Nexus 7, you will see a new WiFi like icon. Tap on this icon & select “Apple TV” in the popup.This icon appears in landscape mode only for videos.
e. You should see music or video playing on your TV
Looks like AirSync is THE app to buy if you want to share your Nexus 7 screen content with other devices!

Other Nexus 7 tablet goodness:

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Anonymous said...

Had high hopes about the Nexus 7 as well and am shocked Google would omit such a crucial feature on their tablet!
Thanks for the useful tip, but unfortunately it is still a KLUDGE that requires a wifi connection. AND since there are many places that don't provide wifi access to folks on a sales call, for folks that were hoping to use the Nexus 7 as a slide projector for presentations, they are SOL if there's no wifi.

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