Adding Value

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"How can I add value to someone else?" Once you define success in this way, asserts John Maxwell in his podcast series, A Minute with Maxwell, you achieve success. If you are doubting how successful you are, ask someone, "How am I adding value to your work or life?"

That's a pretty powerful way to reframe success, to connect with others. As I look forward to the 2013 school year, I want to focus in on how I can add value to others. I'm going to ask others, "How can I add value to your work?"

It's so easy to get caught up on the value I want to provide, and while that's wonderful in its aggregate, unless I can provide value to your work or your life, then it's pretty worthless.  Of course, if the work you're doing isn't adding value where you are, maybe it's time to find where your work would be of value.

That's a thought worth remembering as we head into a new year, don't you think? Thanks, John Maxwell.

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