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Some time ago, I shared Handwriting recognition and note-taking apps for iPad. Since a colleague is getting a Nexus 7 Android tablet, I thought I'd compile a short list of note-taking and handwriting recognition apps to share.
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Possible solutions for handwriting recognition and note-taking on the Nexus 7 include the following:
  1. AntiPaper Notes (free) - 
    The main purpose behind Antipaper Notes is to give tablet users a quick simple way to jot down notes, just as they might on a sheet of paper. It's free, unlike paper, and it works with your finger or with a stylus, if you want that feeling of writing with a pen or pencil. It requires Android 3.0 and higher to run. However, with the release of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and Jelly Bean (4.x), there are smartphones that can also run Antipaper Notes. (Read more at Android Authority)
  2. FreeNote (free) - Watch video
  3. MyScript Notes () - Watch video -  With MyScript Notes Mobile, you can use your tablet as a real notepad creating and customizing an unlimited number of notebooks in which you can draw, insert pictures and take notes with your own handwriting using a stylus or your finger. Available in 30 different languages, MyScript Notes Mobile also allows users to share information in a few clicks as it is synchronised with the most important communication tools, networks or cloud-applications (E-mail clients®, Facebook®, Twitter®, Dropbox®, etc).
  4.  MyScript Calculator (Free) -  Watch video - The Free handwriting calculator for your Android device**With MyScript© Calculator, perform mathematical operations naturally using your handwriting.
  5. PenSupremacy ($1.99) - Watch video - PenSupremacy is the best handwriting app for android tablets. It is based on the best selling iPad app penultimate.(It is however not from the same developer and has no connection to penultimate). It feels just like taking handwritten notes on real paper. Take notes, save sketches and share your ideas with PenSupremacy.
  6. PhatPad Handwriting Recognition ($4.99) - 
  7.  WritePad Handwriting Recognition ($9.99) - "Handwriting recognition input method in 11 languages. WritePad supports most Android Smartphones and Tablets."
What are you using on YOUR Android tablet?

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Unknown said…
Finding the one that works best for you is of course a matter of taste, and trial and error - like with all things Android (or Apple, or anything), you definitely cannot rely on the programmer's description, of course (mind the comments e.g. for "the best" app in your list). I'm very happy with Handrite (no typo!) and Quill.
@Matthias, thanks for sharing Handrite and Quill! I'll add them to the list!!

I don't have a preference as of yet since I don't have a Nexus7 to play with to try them all out on...but I'm making a list for a colleague so she can!

With appreciation,
Anonymous said…
Hi, my name is Nadis Chambers. I'm a student at the University of South Alabama. As of now I do not own a Nexus 7. However, I look forward to visiting your blog in the future for more information on the latest technology and apps.
Brian said…
I use the simple built-in notepad, however I have just started using evernote. It's quite complex, especially the pc version, since I only use it for note taking / creating to do lists. It's great, because it automatically synches on all my devices.

A friend of mine just recommended a new app that helps children to learn math in a fun way. What do you think of educational apps like this?
Unknown said…
I love FreeNote. I have been using it for quite some time with no problems. I have a Galaxy Note and also like the internal S Note and S Memo apps which are preloaded (S Note is pretty powerful!). Haven't used some of the others on the list, but will definitely try them out. (I've used the trial for WritePad and been very satisfied with it, however, just haven't had the urge to drop the money on it with the Samsung apps and FreeNote.)
Anonymous said…
Just a note to say the MyScript Notes mobile is only available via Samsung, its not on Google Play. But thanks for the article.

EricJ said…
PenSupremacy is the worst app I've ever downloaded. It's full of bugs, the what of which is that after taking notes and saving them to a notebook, the notebook won't open, meaning the notes are lost. Save your money - don't buy this app.
Rajender said…
I have been confused by the two different type of devices. The galaxy note 3 and nexus 7 2013. I love both these devices but don't know about their text input experiences. The apps you shared might be good for nexus 7. I just wanted to know if the note 3 can challenge nexus for the writing purposes.

And BTW the first app you discussed looks interesting. I would love to use something like this for text and handwriting recognition.
Cuong Nguyen said…
has anyone try INKredible, a new handwriting app on Google Play Store. I use with my Galaxy Note and S Pen but it also work great in N7 with any styli even with your finger :)

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