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Here's a deal worth taking a second look at...$5 per eBook from Packt Publishing if you buy two or more. If you're familiar with Packt Publishing, they have some great Moodle books. Lots of other stuff available. Check it out!

We hope you had a good rest over the Holidays.

2013 is coming, and if you’re thinking about building new IT skills, then you still have until Midnight Thursday 3rd January to take advantage of our eBook offer.

All [yes, ALL] Packt eBooks are on offer now for $5 | €4 | £3 | AUS$5 each when you buy 2 or more. Just add the eBooks into your cart and when you have chosen 2 or more eBooks, you’ll get each for $5 per copy when you checkout. This offer is available until Thursday 3rd January 2013.

For example, you might have missed on our top selling titles of 2012, showing the HTML 5 techniques everyone needs to know:

Responsive Web Design with HTML 5 and CSS3

Released in spring 2012, this 314 page book is a bestselling guide to creating web pages.

HTML5 and CSS3 that are responsive to every device or screen size, from phones, to tablets to laptops.

eBook  $5 | €4 | £3 | AUS$5.
Packt eBooks are flexible and easy to use on any reader:

-          Download any version, any time, from your account on www.packtpub.com

-          Available PDF, ePub [Android, Kobo], Mobi [Kindle]

-          You can email it right onto your Kindle from your account

-          No DRM, meaning you can copy to any device, as often as you like

-          You can print, and copy and paste from the eBook directly

We wish you a prosperous and successful 2013.

We will do our best to help you when you need it with practical and focused technical books.

From all of us at Packt Publishing
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