5 Features I Wish @Evernote Premium Had and I'd Pay for

Evernote Premium...it's everything people wish for....
Evernote Premium gives you bigger upload capacity, offers greater sharing options, gives you access to note history, and more. Plus, you get PDF searching, faster image recognition, and no ads. All for just $5.00 per month or $45.00 per year.
Well, not quite. Although an avid user of the free version of Evernote, I keep asking myself, what is it that I would gladly pay for?

Unfortunately, after reviewing the list of features of what constitutes Premium at $45 a year, I didn't see the features I was looking for. Since Evernote folks may not know the features I think are worth paying for, maybe they're missing out on their development.

So, here's MY list of features I'd pay Evernote Premium for:

  1. RSS feeds for tags. If Diigo, Delicious folks can build RSS feeds for tags, surely Evernote can build RSS feeds for tags as well as Notebooks. And, RSS feeds for tags would be so much more flexible than catch-all notebooks.
  2. Offer on the fly OpenGPG/PGP encryption of items so that they are encrypted until you type in a password. That way, even if someone should gain access to your Evernote account, or Desktop version, they won't be able to view anything but encrypted content. The mailvelope.com folks have it together on this; maybe ask them for help?
  3. No more "Join Notebook" requests when people visit a Notebook. I understand how this could be valuable, but really, why not just add an unobtrusive button to the top right or left that would enable people to subscribe via email, RSS, add to their own Evernote account?
  4. Get rid of the annoying related Evernote items/windows when you clip content from a web page. It seems like one has to click on several buttons to clip content, then select notebook, then close 2 windows, etc. Figure out a better workflow.
  5. Easy image insertion via the Web or Desktop versions. Ever wish you could insert an image, maybe a picture of something that didn't come off the web directly into an Evernote note? I have!

    and a bonus one to grow on that involves collaboration....
  6. Work with Zite iPad app developers to allow for a more full-featured Evernote clipping window (the old one worked just fine!). In fact, talk to the Flipboard folks, too.

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Jeff Herb said…
Nice list - I agree!

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