Work that RSS Magic (Updated 11/24/2012)

A colleague recently sent me the following series of questions, and while I have prepared my response below, I'd love to see what the rest of you have to say:

I want to be able to organize my posts in Evernote so they can be easily tagged and shared.
I want to be able to send information to Blogger so it is tagged and posts automatically
I want the tweets that I send to Evernote to automaticlly go to my Blogger (is this even possible ?)
I want to be able to add posts, links to my blogger without them going to my twitter

How should my scoopit or twylah account fit into all of this??

Should one of these be my main landing page, point etc??

The last question, highlighted above, should probably be the main landing page or point of origin. Let me review the requirements of this particular request:
  1. Tweets sent to Evernote should be auto-posted to Blogger. So the question in this request is, How do I post to Blogger from an Evernote RSS Feed?
  2. Add posts, links to Blogger without them going to Twitter. So the question is, Is it OK for--and how do you make--Blogger to be your "final repository" for everything you're sharing via social media (e.g. scoopit, twylah)?
Response #1 - How do I post to Blogger from an Evernote RSS Feed?

To answer this question, we need to ask a few more. Here's what we need to do:

1) Enable blog posting in Blogger by email. This is in your settings as you can see below:

Notice that you can choose to setup a top secret email address and then publish email immediately. That email becomes your blog entry.

2) Share your Evernote Notebook and then copy the RSS feed URL (web address).

For example, if you have a notebook called "iPad" or "BYOD" then those RSS feeds will look like this:

Here's what the Evernote Shared Notebook URL looks like:
Here's how to adjust this:
  1. Change the red, yellow highlighted text "mguhlin" to your Evernote username
  2. Change black bold, orange highlighted text to the name of your Shared Evernote notebook.
  3. What you now have is the RSS feed address

Note: You may have noticed I did not mention using Evernote tags or keywords. That's because, as far as I know, you can't share an RSS feed for a particular tag. If you want that level of granularity, you'll have to use another content curation service (e.g. Diigo).

3) Use an RSS to Email tool auto-email anything shared via RSS feeds in Step 2 to an email address, presumably, your Blogger email account. 
A quick note: To the best of my knowledge, you can't set labels for a blog post via email.
Since there are several solutions, allow me to offer two popular options (in no particular order of preference).

Option A: RSS to Email RSS2Email service (free)
While is ONE approach, there are others you could use.

Option B: RSS to Email Recipe
4) Blogger either auto-publishes RSS feed or you choose to publish it. For example, I added the following blog entry by Tim to my Evernote Notebook on iPad.

The RSS feed for that EverNote Notebook was fed using the email recipe above and was posted on my blog:

And here's what it looked like on the blog...note the formatting is off, so you may want to highlight and clip your content selectively on EverNote.

Response #2 - Is it OK for--and how do you make--Blogger to be your "final repository" for everything you're sharing via social media (e.g. scoopit, twylah)?

As you might imagine, with the recipe above, you can take advantage of ScoopIt and Twylah.

For, you can get an RSS feed as shown below:

Then paste it into one of the two approaches (e.g.'s RSS to Gmail Recipe).

As you can see, everything ends up in your Blogger blog, no matter whether you scoop it or evernote it. However, your blog ends up NOT sharing anything unless it's RSS feed is directed to Twitter, wherever...and that's YOUR choice.

I hope that answers the questions!

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