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Just yesterday, I was filling out a 360 degree Leadership Assessment on myself. I know, it probably doesn't count when you fill it out on yourself--you're supposed to get others to fill it out, but that costs  $120 or something and I'd rather spend that on...well, anything else but that--and one of the questions made me think of Moodle and Edmodo.

The question went something like this:
Do you put aside your ideas if the ideas of others are better than your's?
Now that's not a perfect paraphrase but you get the meaning, right? Often, no one person can think of the best stuff all the time, or even, part of the time. And, here's the kicker, even if you can, you can't hope to implement it without a team. That means, the whole team has to own the solution and you have to learn to be enthusiastic about solution's the team develops...and that you're a part of.

So, I asked myself, how many times has this happened, where I've set my idea aside for another. While I can honestly say I've not done it many times (what did you expect? a saint?), one time comes to mind--exchanging Moodle for Edmodo. As Brian Abeling points out, it's a question of ease of use.
Moodle is staying,  Edmodo is staying… teachers will have the option to decide on the best tool(s) for their needs.  Over time, students and teachers will vote with their feet, errr…  clicks.
Maybe, the new free social authoring tool for Facebook will change everything. Today, I had the same conversation. I'd just walked someone through how easy it was to create a narrated slideshow using Sonic Pics, then enhancing it in Pinnacle Studio when the question came up, but how can you make sure they watch it or keep track of it? I started to say Moodle, in fact, I did say Moodle, but then, I switched to Edmodo.

A similar conversation took place with a superintendent of schools. This time, Moodle was his idea and I had to (reluctantly, with a slight feeling of betrayal and irony) talk him into Edmodo. Why? It's easier.

And, because Edmodo has been used for other initiatives, and, yes, it would work. That's pretty amazing, isn't it?

Times have changed.

That said, there's still a lot of room for growth with Edmodo. And, I have no doubt commercialization is coming fast. Soon, we'll all be reaching for free software alternatives, maybe for the newcomer Adrenna, built on top of Drupal (ouch, who even wants to learn Drupal?)
A Georgia-based company today announced at Educause 2012 the availability of an enterprise extensible LMS built fully on Drupal technology. The company expects to take Moodle, Instructure and Blackboard head on by leveraging one of the world’s largest open source communities to deploy an enterprise open source learning management system. (Source: Drupal LMS to Replace Moodle-Blackboard-Instructure)
In the meantime, what are your users choosing to click?

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Henry Sosa said…
Edmodo seems to be a great tool. it is more inline with social networks and I think it will be much more intuitive to students.With Moodle i know that it will remain free and continue to innovate. It is also in line. Moodle is great if it's already tied into your SIS.

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