Riddle Me This - Mobile Device Survey Questions #iPaded @tceaadvocacy

A teacher just called me and asked if we had any surveys related to the use of tablet implementation.
These are the two things she is trying to gather information on:
1. A survey that would ascertain the comfort and skill level of the teachers relative to the use of mobile devices in the classrooms.
2. An instrument that would help evaluate the use of mobile devices in the classroom.
Source: Jennifer Bergland, TCEA TEC-SIG Group Post

Hmm...what an interesting question. The first set of questions focuses on the comfort and skill level of teachers relative to the use of mobile devices in the classroom. So...

Question #1. What kinds of questions would you ask that ascertain the comfort and skill level of a technology (e.g. whatever that may be) in the classroom?
  1. Do you have a mobile device? (Yes No)
  2. What kind(s) of mobile device(s) do you have? (Check all that you have)
    1. Tablet- iPad WiFi
    2. Tablet - iPad 3G/WiFi
    3. Tablet - Android WiFi
    4. Tablet - Android 3G/WiFi
    5. Smartphone - Android
    6. Smartphone - iPhone
    7. Smartphone - Blackberry
    8. Netbook - Windows
    9. Netbook - Macbook Air
    10. Netbook - Linux
    11. Laptop - Apple Macbook OS X.6 or greater
    12. Laptop - Windows 7 or 8
    13. Laptop - Linux
  3. Do you feel comfortable using a mobile device? (Yes Somewhat Neutral Not really No)
  4. Currently, how many times per week do you use a mobile device--such as a smartphone or tablet--to accomplish the following:
    • ___ Take pictures
    • ___ Record video
    • ___ Share pictures/video via Flickr, Picasaweb or via email
    • ___ Read and respond to email
    • ___ Read and update social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
    • ___ Get directions to and from a location via GPS
    • ___ Read/send text messages
    • ___Contact your work supervisor about work-related topics
    • ___Collaborate with co-workers about work-related topics
    • ___Do research that is work related.
  5. As a classroom teacher, do you use a mobile device to help you in your current job? (Yes No)
  6. Will learning how to use your mobile device in the classroom (with students) help you get a higher-paying job? (Yes No)
  7. How many times per week do you plan or think you will use a mobile device in your classroom?
    • 0 days
    • 1-2 days
    • 3-4 days
    • 5-6 days
    • 7 days
Ok, obviously, those questions could be improved upon. I've adapted them from a Summer, 2006: Volume 38 Number 4 ISTE article (it's in PDF and will download). What's ironic is that we're asking questions about comfort level of teachers, questions that are still very similar to the ones we could have asked about using older technologies. Somehow, we need to get past this need for comfort level attainment and realize that comfort comes with constant use and practice over time...not PRIOR to the implementation of a new technology.

Question #2 - How would you assess the use of mobile devices in the classroom?

This is a bit tougher question to get at because it depends a lot on factors that have nothing to do with the technology. That's why I like the classroom learning activity rubric. Let's take a look at it and ask some questions.

  1. Is your use of student-owned, or school-owned, mobile devices consistent with higher levels of use as described by the revised Bloom's Taxonomy?
    (Yes Somewhat Neutral Not really No)
  2. Do you employ cooperative groups to maximize the use of mobile devices for instructional purposes?
    (Yes Somewhat Neutral Not really No)
  3. What percentage of time would you ascribe to mobile device use by your students in the classroom?
    1. ____ Creating content (e.g. photos, videos, text documents or multimedia)
    2. ____ Polls and active data collection in the classroom in response to student or teacher created surveys
    3. ____ Research that focuses on Internet-based reference materials and/or primary data access
  4. What percentage of the time are students able to choose what products they make with mobile devices? (<=20% <=50% <=80% <=100%)
  5. Is knowledge of apps and what they can produce considered by you and/or by students prior to engaging in a classroom learning activity?
  6. Are students engaged in the use of mobile devices to accomplish learning that would be impossible without the use of those devices? (Yes No)
For fun, those are 6 questions. I'm sure that the whole instrument probably wouldn't live up to a test for reliability or validity, but hey, this is a blog, not a peer-reviewed publication.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen that kind of instrument that original teacher who kicked off this blog post in one of those rarified journals no one reads anymore down in the trenches?

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