Monday, November 12, 2012

Remote Control of Your Android Device

Reading an email from the venerable Doug "Blue Skunk" Johnson, he asked the question, What's the Android equivalent of Reflection for iPad?" I suspect this question will start to get a lot of attention now that more Android tablets are finding their way into schools, especially the Google Nexus variety. I know that it is a question I'm hoping for a great response to as well.

AirDroid screen on computer browser attempting to connect to Android device
If you're not familiar with Reflection, it's a program you can run on your Macintosh or Windows computer that allows you to reflect that device's screen on your computer, and control it remotely with your computer's mouse and keyboard.
What AirDroid looks like when you're controlling the Android Device.

Unfortunately, while giving you quite a bit of functionality, AirDroid doesn't quite allow you to "screencast" or capture pictures of your Android phone the same way that Reflections for iPad does.

My Android device App list via AirDroid
Some of the features of AirDroid I like:

  • You can manage your photos and files directly from your computer without tethering your device.
  • You can read/respond to text messages on your computer via a web browser.
  • You can check out your call logs.
  • You can update your contacts.
Regrettably, you can only take screenshots provided your device has been "rooted." Argh.

Screenshots I took with my iPad of my device:

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Tanya Garza said...

I also got new ide a of remote accessing that TeamViewer has launched an interesting new program to go along with their already-impressive constant of handheld management applications. It’s known as TeamViewer QuickSupport, and this app is exclusive in that it allows you to do factors the other way around.

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