Painful #iPad Revelations

A few minutes ago, I ran across this Google+ post by Ed Newman that referenced this funny DogHouse New Tablet Comic, shown right. Ed asks the following question:
This is exactly what amazes me about people buying iPads and then turn around and buying a keyboard.  Why not just buy an ultrabook and be done with it? 
To which I had to respond, sharing a revelation that came to me unbidden, more as a surprise than anything else:
I'll tell you why (since I bought a keyboard for my iPad). You start out thinking you're going to use it in similar ways to a laptop, but then, over time, you realize you need new workflows for how you're using the iPad. Then, you realize, a keyboard is a nice accessory that helps every once in awhile, but the value is in what the iPad does really well. 
With a keyboard, my iPad IS a laptop replacement for 95% of what I do as a writer, podcaster, social media user. Without one, my iPad is 100% what I need to be a podcaster, social media user keen on creating and viewing videos, pictures, and multimedia.  
Earlier today, I realized that I needed to clear up out my 64gig iPad so I would have more room to archive the library of content creations I was making. Then, at that moment, I realized my workflows have fundamentally changed. I prefer the iPad to my laptop. Wow.
Of course, I'm writing this on a laptop running LubuntuLinux, but the truth is, I could just as easily have written it on my iPad. Hmm....

That aside, if you're looking for keyboards for your iPad, I encourage you to check out this blog post on iPad cases and keyboards and save yourself some money.

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