No Whoa for Leaders


When you step into the saddle of a CTO's role, you know that a part of your job is helping people slow down to reflect on the consequences of their actions, whether the solution they're proposing won't cause more problems than the initial issue, and whether their heart/attitude is in the right place. That last one is the most important for me because it means we can focus on the goal, the primal reason why.

Yet, I find it ironic that a part of me says, "Whoa!" when others bring great ideas forward. Sure, there are many things to consider, but a part of me wants to say what Kathy Sargent (Historical Fiction Author) writes in her blog below:

As an editor, I had to teach myself to listen to that small voice in the back of my head that says things like “slow down” or “is this really true?” or “go over it again” or “what will people think?”. But as a writer, I have to kill it. Periodically, I smash it and send it to hell but it keeps coming back.
I’m trying to learn to “throw caution to the wind.” I love that phrase because it paints a perfect word picture. You reach inside and ferret out all that is holding you back and toss it into the wind and let it blow away. Dictionary writers define the phrase as being reckless but there is definitely an upside to throwing caution to the wind. (Source: Anna K Sargent, Don't Be So Careful)

Smash it to hell. Yeah, that's the attitude to go after as a writer, and as the person who brings ideas forward. So the question becomes, as a CTO, how can you throw caution to the winds in the adoption of new technologies, getting the benefit of the tech without suffering the issues and problems that may arise?

As a person in a leadership position, answering that question is fundamentally fun and why I enjoy it.

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