Inexpensive 7inch eBook Reader and MOV/MP3 Player - Under $30?!?

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If the bottom is dropping out of the eReader market, that can only be a good thing for consumers, right? Although you can now get an Amazon Kindle for about $69, you can also get an eMatic Eb105 eReader for a little under $30 at!

I actually managed to get my hands on one of these devices (thanks to Angie C.) and not only did this allow for DRM and non-DRM ePub content (as well as PDFs, HTML), but also MOVs...that's right, this $29.95 device plays movies and sound files (e.g. MP3s)!! It comes in a hard plastic case and is pretty easy to figure out. Frankly, I was shocked at the quality of the video.

Some other neat features? A micro-SD slot, 4 gigs of onboard memory, a color screen (not touch screen). It makes me wonder why anyone would invest in an expensive eReader, aside from wanting to be tethered to a big name store (e.g. Amazon, Barnes and Noble). You can easily put your own content on the device via USB.

Some of my pictures:

This is definitely worth investing in as a mobile video player for under 8 year olds who may not yet be avid readers!

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