Friday, November 9, 2012

#eBook Leadership Engagement on #iPad for #PLCs

Tim's book on my iPad

"The network is the learning," says George Siemens in a YouTube video placed in Tim Holt's new book, 180 Questions. Sitting down, starving, to a sumptuous lunch 2 hours after the lunch hour had passed yesterday, after having paid lots of money (goodbye, Nexus 7! ) for a garage door technician I finally had a moment to catch up on Tim Holt's (HoltThink) new eBook, 180 Questions.

I confess that since I despise digital rights management (DRM), I was worried that I'd never read Tim's books, which he pitched to me at the TCEA State Conference last year. But, as I sat munching on a Grady's BBQ turkey sandwich and sipping sweet tea with anticipation of a slice of pecan pie at the end of the meal, I realized that I was witnessing the birth of a new type of ebook, one that had Tim's voice reach out and grab me by the ears and didn't let go until the audio introduction was over.

The experience, although unsettling at first, immediately made me think, "Wow, I've never, ever, EVER (wink) had a book grab me so powerfully from the start." Then, I realized it was the power of a dear friend, putting forth a proposition for PLCs. Those few minutes of listening to Tim, the spicy taste of BBQ sandwich adding its flavor to a new experience...left me wanting more. The premise of Tim's book is as follows:
180 designed to get educators thinking about the way they teach, how they teach, and how students see them. Designed to stimulate discussion in Professional Learning Communities. A daily question for each day of the school year, these are designed to stimulate professional discussion on your campus.
The book was replete with links to other resources, and came across as a Keynote slideshow in the questions area. The questions themselves were probing and I could see this book as a great conversation starter. As great as the images with tough questions were, nothing quite beat Tim's intro at the start. I want MORE audio intros like that, to hear more of Tim's voice in this eBook, sharing his perspective on these questions. I hope the next version of 180 Questions provides more insight into these issues from Tim's perspective and are not just text...Tim is a well-developed audio personality.

That said, it was great to see video clips from popular ed-reformers--the same ones that Tim has upbraided for not providing practical solutions. I loved the juxtaposition of text, images, video in a book. It was uncanny, and in an admission that will make Tim smile, I couldn't have read this book on my Nook Classic or a traditional needed an iPad.

I'm still working my way through the book, but my first impression is positive. I'm not sure I liked starting out with "Climate" first--even if Prakash Nair is quoted there--but loved the Professional Development section, the QR codes to great resources (using my Android phone with I-nigma to scan those was fun).

Thanks, Tim. More to come....

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