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Double AA Your Learning - Empowering #BYOD with #iPad and #Android Tablets

The old, slouching toward "mootness" debate continues, Is the iPad a content consumption device or a creation device? It's funny to even ask that question now, knowing all the awesome apps available to iPad users for creating content. But, as I stare lovingly at the screen of a Google Nexus 7 (sorry, it belongs to someone else which makes me wish I'd win a Powerball lottery or something), I can't help but ask, Which device is more about content consumption rather than creation?

The real question for educators is, Should we consider the Android tablet (Nexus quality with capacitive screens, not that dinky Android tablet of yesteryear with resistive screens) at the same level as the iPad? It's a conversation folks are wondering about and it's come up for discussion among technology directors:
I just registered for TCEA last week and noticed an option to also get an iPad.  I was just curious why there was not an option for a Nexus, Surface, etc.  It appea…

An Encryption Primer for Educators

Update 05/28/2014 - TrueCrypt is now defunct

Earlier today, a colleague asked me, "Miguel, I still don't get the encryption of confidential data piece. Could you explain what you would use?"

What a fun question to answer. First, let's review what you should encrypt--Personally Identifiable Information (PII). I originally wrote about this topic in this blog entry, Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

It's worth revisiting the information shared. Afterwards, I also share again my updated approaches to encrypting email and files.

To better protect SCHOOL DISTRICT staff, campuses and departments should avoid unencrypted personally identifiable information being shared. PII data includes the following and should not go unencrypted:
1.Names such nicknames, maiden name, mother’s maiden name, or alias.
2.Personal identification numbers, such as social security numbers, passport number, driver’s license number, taxpayer identification number, financial a…

@OverDriveLibs - Not Allowed in K-12 Schools? @OverDriveInc

If you're an OverDrive user, I hope you can shed some light on a question that's been plaguing me. On the OverDrive web site, the following information appears:

Underneath the section titled License, it states:
You may not download Digital Content to any school media center or library Device or any other school-issued Device that allows for access by multiple users. Digital Content may be used on school-issued Devices that are issued to students under a one-to-one device program where each Device is assigned for the exclusive use by a single student.Source:Overdrive K-12 Terms of Use - Consider a scenario common in K-12 Public School Libraries. You have a few eBook reader devices (e.g. Kindle, Nook, iPad) available for student checkout. On each device, OverDrive is installed so that students can read. However, based on the reading of the OverDrive K-12 Terms of Use quoted above, OverDrive content on &…

7 Questions (and Tips!) for Developing a #BYOT Campus Strategy

7 Questions (and Tips!) for Developing a BYOT Campus Strategy
by Miguel Guhlin
Shared under Creative Commons Copyright Attribution-ShareAlike-NonCommercial

“Have you stopped and taken a breath about what BYOT means for YOU, your teachers, students, and parents?” That’s a question that is screaming its way into the rarified atmosphere of public schools, like a cataclysmic meteor that some may avoid thinking about until it smashes their reality. If that seems unnecessarily confrontational, it's an apt analogy for students' changing expectations for what school should be like.  With that reality-smashing scenario in mind, many schools are coming to terms, one way or another, with bring your own technology (BYOT).

Bring your own technology (BYOT) intrigues many, frightens others. As a result of that fear and concern, it’s critical that campus leadership teams craft a strategy to implement BYOT.

This article offers two approaches you can use as part of a “strategy session” for c…